Friday, February 22, 2013


Whew! What a week we've had. We left Saturday to go be with our daughter and her family while our grandson had his hernia repair surgery on Monday. We went for Jackson's surgery in Gainesville at the University of Florida's Shand's Children's Hospital Pediatric Outpatient Surgery Center. Folks, that is a great place for kids to have surgery. Everyone was so helpful and supportive of Jennifer and Bob and of course, Jackson. They were so good at telling them what to expect, why he was acting the way he was, etc. Everything turned out great, and he is getting better and better every day and is acting more like himself than he has in over a month according to his mama. We were so glad that we didn't have to stay all day at the surgery center, and that he did so well. She was/is having a time keeping him still and making sure he takes it easy like he is supposed to because he feels so much better. Happy grandparents and parents are we!!! 

Don't you just love his awesome smile? This was taken not long after we had arrived at his house. He was so excited to see Mimi and Papa. He is such a loving little man and holds our hearts in his hands. :D We love him so much. He stole our heart when we first saw him after he was born. I know now why they call them GRAND-children. Wow!  We are so proud he is on the mend and maybe he and his mom and dad can recover together and start getting some stress and worry off their shoulders.

We enjoyed our time there, but needed to get back home to get our puppies from the vet boarding which we will do today. I sure have missed our babies. We did have our granddog that we had before we had Jackson, but it just isn't the same as our own. Here is a pic of Oscar the granddog. He is eight years old and isn't in the best of health. He is really showing his age, too. LOL

On the sewing front, I worked on some yoyos for a bed runner I'm making for a client, but didn't get nearly as many made as I wanted to. I will work on them some today and this weekend for sure. I am ready to cut me out a quilt and cut out/prepare to make a pro bono kid's quilt, too. I also have to finish the pillows I started. I ordered some green crazy quilt fabric to add to the pillows. I think I have a better idea how to make the one I was working on look better. Then I can embellish it and make another one. 

I hope you have a great day. Be creative, smile and make someone happy.



  1. Every project is a learning experience, I find. There is always something that you wish you had done differently too but you remember that stuff for next time you attempt it. (I think I want covered buttons on top of my blog hop project, for example)

    Glad Jackson is feeling better now that the problem has been dealt with. Kids bounce back so much easier that we adults! I don't for a minute that Jen is having a harder time getting him to stay still even if the surgery site might be a little tender.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Are you going to add the covered buttons?


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