Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Followers

I am so excited about all the new followers I am gaining!! I have several new ones from Linking up with Richard and Tanya Quilts on Friday. It was so much fun. I discovered several new blogs myself and signed up to be a follower. Now, I want to have a giveaway choosing a winner from my followers. Just not sure how to do it, so I am going to do some research and gather items for a giveaway and let you know when it will be!!!!

I had already mentioned several posts ago that when I reached 50 followers that I would have a giveaway. Between my Google friends, my email followers and my network blogs followers, I have over fifty. So, be on the lookout for the announcement.

A couple of items to be alerted about:
1. Make sure I can contact you using your email. So, if you are not a blogger, or a no-reply blogger, then make sure you send me your email address.
2. Make sure I know your "name" and not just your follower ID, if possible.
3. If you comment, let me know how you found my blog.

Thank you for being my follower/friend. I am still new at this and I'm learning as I go. I want to be an inspiration to others and maybe inspire someone to get out of their comfort zone and get creative!!!

Stay alert and check back frequently, say hi, and I will inform you of when the giveaway will be!!!


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