Thursday, February 7, 2013

Please Do Not Comment Again

Hello followers old and new!! I hope you had a blessed day yesterday! I had fun, but then it turned into frustration! I was so excited seeing all the comments for the giveaway popping up on my blog. Then I looked a little later and they had all disappeared, and I couldn't comment on any that had commented. Ugh!!! Talking about freaking out! Well, I guess all the comments had freaked out IntenseDebate, because my setting was at a limit of 25 comments and I had more than that. :-D Well, I can't get them to show back up, but I found them and copied and pasted them onto a Word document where I have the evidence of your comments. Thank you all for being patient with me! While trying to fix "the problem," I decided to update the way my blog looked. Obviously that has surprised some of you who have returned, plus you didn't see your comment. Don't worry!! I have you covered!!!!! I am taking care of you. :D I have a list of my email followers, and of those who have commented where I can make a list of the ones to enter for the drawing.

I am giving a few days for everyone to check in and have a chance to sign up for the giveaway. I know most of you work outside the home, and may not have a chance until Saturday to sign up. Please, if you want to be in the giveaway, you HAVE to follow my instructions. I will give them on this post again where you can review them

1. Tell me where/how you found my blog.
2. Go to website and look around. She has blessed us with a $50 gift certificate to the first name I draw. Get an idea of what you might buy if you win. Then either like them on Facebook, or sign up for their newsletter.  Tell me you did.
3. Check out Fat Quarter Shop, and if you haven't already, like them on Facebook, and tell  me so. The second winner will receive the charm pack I posted the picture of on yesterday's post. It is so cute!

You can tell me this in one comment. Thank you for being my followers, and I hope I can be an inspiration to you.

Here is a picture I want to share with you of the crazy quilt on its new owner's bed. I love the way it looks!



  1. The quilt looks fantastic on her bed! I am sure that you feel like it was well worth the time and effort that it took you to make if for her when you see it on the bed and know how thrilled she is with it.

    Take a break----you have earned it!

  2. I have signed up and a good girl! I would be happy with anything if I won!!! Probably would get some pretty cheery spring fabric!!!

    1. Thank you Nanas Legacy for signing up for the giveaway!


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