Monday, February 18, 2013

Prayer Requests

I won't be doing a lot of posting this week, so please bear with me. We are with out daughter, SIL and grandson for grandson's umbilical hernia repair. I am asking for your prayers for all of them and my DH and I. We are all nervous, and prayerful. My daughter and her hubby did not sleep well at all, so will need God's strength especially today. This is their only child and I understand how nervous they can be over any kind of surgery. I am so thankful that we are able to be with them during this time and help out.

Another prayer request I have is my oldest brother's daughter, Robin, is in the hospital in ICU with pneumonia in both lungs, a staph infection in both lungs and in both kidneys. She is really bad shape and the family has not been given much hope at all. I am five hundred miles away from her and can't go see her. So, please keep her in your prayers. 

I need your prayers, too, so remember me. 

On the sewing front, not much is happening. I did bring the circles to start making yoyos for a bed runner, and I will take them to the hospital to work on if my nerves will let me. When this is over, I will work on the bed runner, two pillows, and two crazy quilt pillows. I want to start making Christmas quilts for this next year, too. I need more Christmas fabric, so I guess I need to see if I can find some marked down really low. LOL

I pray you have a blessed day. I will update this tomorrow to let everyone know how the medical situations are going.

Thank you so much for being patient with me.

God Bless You,