Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday

I am posting late today due to having to go to have an outpatient procedure done this morning. It has already been a long day for me and it is only 11:26 AM CT. I am reclined and checking emails, Facebook and blogs while I chill. I can't do any driving or operating machinery today, so hope my computer doesn't count. LOL

I hope you all are listening to what I say next. As a thank you to my friends and followers, I am going to announce a giveaway tomorrow. You will have to visit a couple of websites, and come back and tell me about your visit and how you found my blog. I have two awesome sponsors and I will have two winners! So, check back! I will go into more detail tomorrow, so make sure you check back here. I really appreciate you all and love hearing from you. Some don't ever comment, but I would love to hear what you are doing craft wise, and how things are going for you.

So, here is your heads up! Take care and have a blessed day.