Saturday, February 9, 2013

Don't Forget!!!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for the my Thank You giveaway. I have gained so many new friends since this started, and I am appreciative. 

But, if you did not leave me a comment telling me how you found my blog, that you followed the other two sights, and how you would spend the the gift certificate, then you will NOT be entered into the giveaway drawing. Thank you for your time and consideration for this.

On the quilting front: 

I've been working on a crazy quilt pillow top for my client. I am NOT happy with what I've done, so I am going to take some of what I don't like off and redo. I may have to get more fabric, though. :( Oh well.

On another front, I've started drawing and cutting out circles to make yoyos for a bed runner. Oh it is going to be so pretty!!! I have to cut out 80 circles. I am using a plate for a template. LOL I know, that sounds weird, but it is the exact size I need! The circles are 8 1/4" in diameter to make a four inch diameter yoyo. I need to get a fat quarter of green to make the leaves, but I can get that later. 

Our only baby Boer goat and the extra one my BIL left here when he picked up the majority of them to take back to his place are now gone to his place now. We may bring Brownie back in a month or so, but we will have to see. It is going to be strange going outside and not hearing Maaaa Maaaa at us. LOL They will be missed. We would like to get a few more to breed and sell, but time will tell.

I pray you are all doing well today. It is beautiful here in Alabama, even if it is chilly. I hope all my friends in the North East are safe and warm. They have had a huge winter storm. Stay warm y'all!!!