Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Am Still Alive!!!

I am still alive. I promise you!! Last week we were on vacation, so I didn't blog. I played Dogopoly with our grandson and watched movies and cartoons. Went to Joann's Fabrics with a new friend I made while there after teaching her and her sister how to make a rag quilt. She will also be a recipient to one of the purses I have been making. One of the purchases we made at Joann's was fabric for her purse. She bought the fabric for her rag quilt she is making. Yea!!! You go Debbie! Proud that you are going to do this. I'm waiting to see the fabric Wendy gets.

I also went to church with my daughter and grandson. I really enjoyed the service at Village View Church. Pastor Marty Shea preached a great message. I love the choir and music we all sang. Everyone was so friendly to me, and I felt welcome. That is one thing many churches lack. It is important to make visitors feel welcome and want to return. Our DGS loves the church and the children's Space Port. Sister Diane does a great job with the children's department. DGS will be going to the church academy this year for second grade. He had to take an assessment test where they would know where to place him in their curriculum. He tested in 3rd grade in English and Word Building, and 2nd grade in the other subjects. I am so proud of the job our DD has done with his home schooling. We hate the fact that DD and DGS won't be able to come as often as they used to. But, DD needs a break, and DGS needs to be with peers at least for a while. LOL He had socialization with their home school group, but his daddy felt he needs a little more. So, a new adventure for us all.

This week has also been rough for me. I had three teeth pulled on Tuesday on the top front to finish out the five I needed pulled. The dentist had a difficult time getting the rest of my bridge off where he could pull the teeth. It hurt up into my left cheek bone which is now sore. Well, actually I had on two teeth pulled, but he removed the pin from the last tooth from a previous root canal and smoothed the tooth where the partial will fit. He said the more root he could leave the better. So, I have been hurting and having to get accustomed to a foreign object in my mouth. Having a difficult time eating. Eating very little. Drinking smoothies (healthy ones) and eating soft foods. I won't even go into the pain I felt yesterday when removing and replacing the partial for the first time. Ugh!!!!! Let's just say PAIN!!!!! I had tears in my eyes.

Enough of that. For our Friday Frenzy, we are having a guest poster. Jane from Jane's Fabric and Quilts. Yes!!!! She is guest posting on my blog!!! Whooohooo!!! I am really excited. She will do a tutorial, so make sure you show up, comment, and let me know how you enjoyed her visit!! Looking for new followers for my blog and my daughter's at Our Journey.

Okay. Enough for today. I hope you will com visit tomorrow and many times afterwards. Follow, Jane at her blog and follow my daughter's blog, too.

Have a blessed day. Hopefully, my day will be better, and I will get to sew.



  1. Teresa, I hope you will soon be feeling better, having a sore mouth is the worst pain. The Church that you described sounds lovely, I would like to find a home Church that really believes and preaches the Word. Take care of yourself, I shall watch out for your guest post. Happy stitching. Mandy


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