Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Saturday!!!

Good morning!!! 

I hope you are doing well on this gorgeous sunny morning! Sunny days have been few and far between in the past few months, so it is awesome waking up to a sunny morning. I know some of my followers live in areas covered in snow still, but I hope the sun is shining on you. If not, I know the Son is shining down on you. :D 

I have a praise report this morning. Yesterday, we got up and our dogs were missing. Hubby and I went out looking for them, but to no avail. We looked in places that we feel they haven't ever been to, but you never know. we thought we could hear the girl, Dusty, barking off in the distance, but just couldn't find them. After we had decided we would wait and see if they came home on their own. DH decided he would get in his truck and ride down the highway to the next road down that the woods across our road connects to. He didn't see them at that time, but when he came back, he saw them laying in another yard. Dusty has had a relapse of that awful hepatozoonosis and hasn't been feeling good at all. We believe that Blaze, the boy stayed by her side and helped her the best he could to get back home. They were muddy, so we feel that they followed a dog or coyote howling into the woods and got lost or something. They both slept all day yesterday. We got up this morning and they both were in their house, so they didn't go anywhere last night!!! We are praying that they learned a lesson and will now stay at home. So, long story short, I praise God for bringing them back home.

I have been making slow progress on the crazy quilt pillows, so I will show you some pictures of what I did Thursday. 

My first silk ribbon embroidery

My first spider web and spider

Added some beading down the seam to enhance the lace

As you can see, I am just learning to do these. I have ordered some more lace which will be hand dyed lace from Etsy. This lady Nicki has some gorgeous dyed lace. I can't wait to get it! I am also waiting on a rhinestone applicator (iron) to add some rhinestones to the pillow tops. I cant' wait to try add more bling to them. LOL 

I guess I will go for today. Hopefully I will be able to start adding more quilty items on here soon. Have a blessed day!!!


  1. Hi Teresa,

    Your pillow is absoultely lovely! From the textures to the colors, you've done a great job and I can't wait to see it complete. You don't need any help at all - your Silk ribbon is so pretty too!

    I personally mailed out your laces this morning - sorry that they weren't mailed when I thought they were.

    BTW - so happy to hear that your pups are safe and at home. I know how scarey it is when they wander away from home. My Lily is pretty good about staying in our yard but there's always that chance a rabbit will grab her attention and off she goes.

    Have a great day!
    Nicki Lee

  2. These are looking good, Teresa! I heard the story about those ornery puppies on FB so you already know that I am happy they were found. Hopefully they will stay on the homestead!!


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