Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another Giveaway Soon!!!!!

I just realized something!!! I have gone over 100 blog posts!!!!!!! Should I have a giveaway, or should I wait until my one year anniversary in May? Pondering, pondering, pondering? I think I should have another giveaway really soon. Sew, keep on the lookout for the posting about the giveaway. It will be chosen from people who comment on that post. Sew, make sure you keep a watch on my blog. It may be next week!!!! LOL

i am so excited! I had not realized that I had gone over 100 posts. It is so unreal to me. I will be looking around to find something really cool for my giveaway, so I will be giving you hints for a few days of what might be the prize. 

I will go again for now. Take care and be blessed!


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  1. 100 blog posts is quite a milestone..congrats!


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