Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Handbag Finish!

Good morning! I hope you had a great night's rest and are greeting this morning with praise in your heart for seeing another day. I know I am. I am so thankful He gave me another night and a morning to see. 

I promised you in yesterday's post a view of the newest handbag I made. It is actually tote sized, but the customer likes big bags. So I will post the pictures now.

Outside of bag and lining before putting together

Inside of bag after finishing. See the two different pockets I put in? The bag does not call for pockets, but I added them.

Outside of bag finished. I did not use stiff enough interfacing, so the bag doesn't stand well. I will change that in the next one.

Back of bag finished. 
I enjoyed making this one since it was a different pattern than before. This was designed by Teresa From Down Under. I posted the link to it in the last post. The customer is really pleased with the pictures I shown her so far. I hope she loves it when she gets it. 

I have my quilting group today, so I 'm not going to talk anymore for now. Let me know you opinions of my bag.