Friday, August 23, 2013

Friendly Friday Link Up #3/4?

Here it is, Friday. Where did this week go? I pray you all had a great week. Me, I'm still healing from teeth removal, but am much better. If I can just get accustomed to eating with this partial, I will be great! LOL There are still several things I can't eat, so I'm experimenting. But, it is getting easier. Onto better things....

Today is Find a Friend Friday link up where you can link your blog up to mine and my daughters at Our Journey (on the right sidebar). Add your link to my blog where hopefully we all can gain new followers. :-D I have several new followers from doing this for several weeks now. I am following some new friends, too. I hope you will take advantage of this time and link up with me.

I finished a queen sized top yesterday, but I can't show it, yet. It is a Christmas present, and they would see it on here, so you will have to wait. Sorry!!!! I will tell you it is the Carpenter's Star by Debby Maddy. My daughter picked it out with me, and gave me ideas of colors, so I guess you can tell it will be hers and her hubby's Christmas gift. I still have one for our son and DIL to finish cutting out and get busy making. I sure hope and pray that I can quilt these on my Janome 7700. Pray for me, okay?

I got the rest of the fabric I needed to finish a bag for a FB friend from Teresa From Down Under's blog that she did a tutorial on. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I believe it will be really pretty. I have fabric for another purse I have to get made also. I plan to work on those today.

This is one of the patterns I'm using from Teresa From Down Under
                                                         Charm Pack Tote Bag Tutorial/

I will be using fabrics from other purses I've made plus some bright green w/polka dots, pink w/polka dots, and pink chevron fabric. I will post a picture when it is finished.

I started on a journey Wednesday, actually a little earlier, that will change my life. Have you ever seen/read/heard of Wheat Belly book? I started following it as closely as possible on Wednesday. I've already lost some weight due to the difficulty I've had eating, but I'm going off all grains. My belly is already smaller. I haven't taken my measurements, yet, but did get a starting weight this morning to use. It is much easier than I expected, because I confess; I am addicted to carbohydrates. I love bread, chips, ice cream, chips, etc. I know I put chips twice. That and ice cream are two of my weaknesses. I've also been off Diet Pepsi for over a week. I have had one since Monday, Aug. 12th. I've wanted one, but they had already gotten to where they didn't taste as good as I wanted them to taste. So, I will keep you posted on my journey to get healthy. I need to lose lots of weight, but I'm taking it one day at a time. Keep me in your prayers if you will. If you are on Facebook, check out Wheat Belly page. You will be amazed.


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