Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crazy Quilt Pillow Tops are Done

Here are the two crazy quilt pillow blocks I've made. This is my first time I've ever created something like this. I read a lot online and looked a a lot of pictures. I ordered some items from Etsy, and used fabrics from the crazy quilt I made for this client. She loves pastel colors and the 30s fabrics, so I added a couple of darker fabrics to enhance the look. I would like to make some smaller blocks and work on hand embroidery and more silk ribbon embroidery. I enjoyed learning more about this type of quilting, and need to know more. I think, for my first attempt, they don't look too bad. 

Now, I have to sew the backing onto the pillows and insert the pillow forms and close up the hole. I pray it goes on easy without any problems. I can't wait to see how they turn out!!! Now I have to finish the yoyo bed runner I'm making and two pillow to go with that and another new type of project for me: landscape type quilt block and make it into a pillow. I am definitely going out of my comfort zone for this awesome customer of mine. 

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