Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's Happening?

Ever had sinus issues that show up with just a headache and painful cheek bone? Yep, that is what has been going on with me. I haven't done very much sewing lately due to this problem. Just haven't felt well, but I'm not blowing, running, etc., just a headache and a little stuffiness. I am slacking on more than my blog posting, too. Sewing is something I really need to be doing, but haven't sewn since Saturday. Still working on the Day and Night quilt for our son and his wife. She saw some progress I've made on Sunday when we had a nice visit with them. They both said they are liking it. I wound up having to order more white Kona cotton to be able to make the last few blocks I need, then it is all go from there. I have started sewing together all the blocks I have made so far. I think it will look really nice when it is finished. I got much better getting my points to come out right the more blocks I made. I'm waiting for the new fabric to come in where I can finish the blocks, but I'm going to sew today and see what I can get done. I also need to quilt our daughter's and SIL's quilt, plus bind our grandson's. The binding may get done today as well. I am also slacking on laundry and house cleaning. It will get done at some time. LOL 

As I've probably mentioned here before, I sleep using a CPAP due to sleep apnea. I have been having problems finding a new mask that works. I went the end of last week to get a new one, and it wouldn't quit leaking around my nose area. I went back yesterday to swap it for another one. I got another no goer. I couldn't get it to stop leaking around my cheeks, so it made funny rackets most of the night. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with getting a new mask. I have two others which wound up being too large for me. I really need one where I can get a good night's rest again.

While out swapping my mask, I stopped by a fabric store we have locally looking for some military fabric. They did not have what I needed, so I kept looking around. They are carrying some really nice Riley Blake and some other name brand fabric now. I found their clearance Christmas fabric and fell in love with a piece. Who can turn down nice fabric for $2.25 per yard? Not me if I have the money. So below you will see a picture of what I purchased. I got 2 and 1/8th yards for less than five dollars! It has that primitive tea dyed background and red little designs on it. It is made by Connecting Threads, but I can't remember right off hand who the designer is. What do you think?

Well, this is What's Happening around my house? How are you doing? Are you being quilty or crafty?

Have a blessed day!

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