Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Where do you get your motivation to sew? I have several projects I need to work on, but I have had no motivation to work on anything this past week. I plan to do some sewing today on the string quilt I'm working on for Wrap Them in Love for our Bama Belles quilting group to donate. I need to get something finished. I want to have something to show you all. I feel so let behind with everyone that I follow and their projects they are showing. :( Help me find my mojo! Help!!!!

What I need to do is:
1. wash and cut out son and DIL's quilt for Christmas
2. Buy fabric for daughter and SIL's quilt and get it started
3. Finish the two pillows I still have to do and make a little jewelry for a client
4. Quilt a donation quilt I brought home last year to finish and never did. ;(
5. Make hubby something for Christmas
6. Make grandson a jungle quilt for his bed for Christmas
7. Make me something!!!!
8. Make three purses. One for a friend, one for a friend/client, and one for me
9. Anything else I find I need to do.


Have a blessed day. I just needed to talk. LOL

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  1. You have too much on your plate. When I loose my motivation, I sit back for a day or two, read and look at quilting magazines, computer and TV. Do a little meditation with God and then come up fresh as a daisy and take one thing on my list at a time.
    That is how I do it, I think we all reach that point occasionally.


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