Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Blog Hop Coming Soon!!!

There is a new blog hop coming soon!!! I just found out about it today on Grandmama's Stories blog post, so I thought I would let my followers know, too. It is hosted by Hayley at

Quoting Hayley "I have found you can take a class, buy a book or just search the web for hours trying to find tips that will help make your quilting experience easier. However, sometimes having an experienced quilter show you a secret they use can make the whole quilting adventure that much more enjoyable!"

So, stop by these blogs and check out their quilting secrets and see what you can learn!!! Tell them I sent you if you comment. Thanks!!!

Christine from  December 31st
Melissa from  January 1st
Barbara from January 2nd
Linda from January 3rd
Sharon from January 4th
Sue from January 5th
Hayley(this is me) from January 6th

mrs pickles garden

Have a blessed day!!!!

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