Monday, January 13, 2014

My How Time Flies

Forty years ago today this beautiful lady, my mama, went home to be with her Lord. She had several family members waiting to greet her when she arrived. I was fifteen years old at the time. I still miss her so much today. But, I celebrate the life she lived and the lessons she taught me in the short time I had her. You would never know by looking at her that my mother was blind. She lost her eyesight completely after I had started school, but the main memories I have of her is of her blind. She still kept a clean house, washed our clothes, hung them on the line, cooked for her family, etc. She was a wonderful person and loved the Lord with her whole heart. She and my dad were married 32 years when she passed away, so they had a good life together. Times were not always easy, daddy didn't make much money; we didn't have a fine house, nor did we have a lot of clothes. But what we did have was a lot of love from Mama and Daddy. They raised us in church. My dad, mom and I sang together everywhere we could and enjoyed it so much. My dad played the guitar for us to sing with until I learned how to play the piano.

My mama taught me to love every body and to do whatever I did with my whole heart. She taught me to look inside people and see their good especially since she couldn't see what they "looked like" on the outside. Oh the memories we could share together now. There is so much I need to tell her and share with her my children and my grandson and of course, my husband. Much water has run under the bridge since she left this old world. Many changes have taken place in our world and in the lives of her children. My dad is now with her and many of her brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law and members of her own family.

Do me a favor. If you still have your mother with you, cherish her, be a blessing to her; take care of her. Love her and tell her that you do. Give her a hug from you, but also from me.

Be blessed my friends,