Saturday, July 13, 2013

What Has Happened?

Hello! Believe it or not, I am still alive!!! Praise the Lord! I tell you what this time last week, I was in severe pain in my face. Whew!!! Still not stopped completely, but I feel alive. I will start out and make a list of happenings for the past two weeks.
1. Sunday- June 30th- bridge on top teeth broke in half
2. Monday - July 1st- called dentist and went in that day and he told me it was time to have five of my top teeth pulled that resided under my bridge and was put on an antibiotic to kill infection.
3. Friday- July 5th- woke up with a headache; received a call from my SIL about she and my oldest brother wanting to come and spend the night with us. Believe me, it was a shock because in 35 years of our marriage, that has never happened. We usually lived too far away for them to come. So, I got up and did some house cleaning and cooked awaiting their arrival later in the day.
4. Saturday- enjoyed visiting during the morning with brother and sil, but my face was hurting across my left cheek bone, nose, and temple area. I was afraid it was a migraine from my chewing being messed up from missing teeth/bridge. So, I sat in my recliner all day getting worse and worse. When bed time came, I couldn't wear my CPAP mask due to the pain and soreness on my face. So, what sleeping I did was in my recliner until early morning when I crawled back into bed for an hour or so. Now think of this, the side hurting was opposite the side where my bridge was missing.
5. Sunday- same thing- hurting really bad and miserable can not explain the pain I was in. DH threatened to take me to the ER, but I refused to go. My sinuses were not stopped up or running, but I felt like someone had hit me with a baseball bat. Sat in recliner covered up, dozing off and on, taking my mild pain medicine which was not fazing it at all. That night I slept fitfully. Actually, I had not slept well in a couple of weeks. 
6. Monday- July 8th- I called the dentist to see what I needed to do since I was scheduled to have two teeth pulled the next day. He told me to call my physician and see if I could see him first to make sure what was happening. I had already called my doctor and no appointment was available. So, after talking to my dentist, I asked my doctor's office to work me in. Still hurting very bad and doing nothing. 
7. Tuesday- My doctor said that my sinuses were hazy and he believed it was a combination of my sinuses and my teeth. Another antibiotic was prescribed. I explained to him about my bridge and the dentist's plans. He said to go ahead and get these teeth out and the sooner the better. So, after lunch the dentist pulled the two teeth that were exposed after the bridge broke. Man it was rough. 
8. Wednesday through today- I have been sore especially my mouth since then. Thankfully, the left side isn't hurting nearly as bad. I have to watch what I eat and where I chew. After I eat, my mouth will start aching, so I have to take something for it. But, the past two days, I have felt like getting into the sewing room. I cut out four purses on Thursday, and starting sewing one together yesterday. Here is what I accomplished:

I'm making another Auburn purse for the daughter of a friend. She lives out of state, so I really want to get this done for her and get it shipped. I have four more purses to make and one of them will be mine. That is unless I decide to sell it to someone who wants it. LOL I really need a new purse though. So, I better get busy and get myself one made. 

In a family that I taught and coached the girls while I was a teacher, lost two family members last week . One daughter to leukemia and the dad to a freak car accident. Please remember this family in your prayers. They have been very special to me since 2003. They have been on my heart and prayers and thoughts the past two weeks.

Well, I have these purses to make, some quilts to make and who knows what else will be in the future. I hope I haven't bored you to tears with my past two weeks. I wanted my followers to know that I have not abandoned you. I haven't even felt like reading my emails. So that tells you how rough I've had it. :D keep me in your prayers always. I will keep you in mine.

May God Bless You,