Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hello my friends. How are you today? I'm doing well as well goes. LOL What has been happening in your neck of the woods? Ours, rain, rain, and more rain. We are already four inches above normal for the month of July here in Alabama. We have had more rain this year than in several of the past years. It has gotten really hot, yet, this summer either. I think it has been in the 90s only two days this month. Wow!! Alabama is usually hot during July. We will see what August has for us in a about a week. I am so tired of rain. How is the weather at your house?

 I am still working on the dental issues of late. I am scheduled for August 13th to have the last three teeth pulled and my partial put in. :( Not looking forward to that at all. I am just ready for it to be over. I have had issues with the porcelain breaking off the bridge I've had for several years more in the past year than ever. I dread having "false" teeth, but I'm tired of never knowing when a piece of porcelain will break off the bridge. As a child, the only time we went to the dentist was to have teeth pulled. Daddy didn't make much money and didn't have dental insurance, so dental visits were not a normal thing for us. So, I guess I am paying for it now. Enough about that.

Craft wise, I've accomplished a couple of things. I am making our children a quilt for Christmas this year. Yea, they know. They helped pick out the fabric, etc. I managed to get the center part done for the daughter and SIL's quilt Monday. Took it to Bama Belles, my quilting group, yesterday and had my mentor, Linda, help me measure it to make sure I didn't need to do any squaring up before adding the borders. It was all pretty good. No trimming to be done, but she noticed that a few of my points are not "just right", so I will have to be careful when I sew the first border on to not clip them off too much. So, to finish that top, all I have to do is add the borders. Yea!!!! I can't show you the picture though until after they get it at Christmas. I also started on making myself a purse. I decided to not use a zipper, but a magnetic snap. The pattern supposedly gives you the no zipper option, but doesn't tell you where/how to attach a magnetic snap. So, thankfully, Linda was able to help me figure that out, too.We decided/she suggested that I make a tab and use that on my purse.So, that will be a new project for me. I will look up how to make a tab, measure the place it will go and make one. Hope to finish it up either today or tomorrow. :-) I have a couple other purses to make, and I'm going to try using some of the upholstery fabric I purchases last week and try a few new patterns. I will update soon and show you my purse when I get it done.

Hugs to you and May God Bless you,