Thursday, June 13, 2013

This Has Been a Rough Week

Good morning all. I have a few things I want to share with you today. I hope you will bear with me during this post. I have a memorial to tell you about  
and some projects I have planned to report.

It has been a sad week. I have felt so helpless, but yet did/said all I could do for my daughter and her family from a distance.  Monday morning brought a sad day for our family. My daughter's basset hound, Oscar, went over the Rainbow Bridge. He was 8 1/2" years old, but had a lot of issues. His health had really gone down over the past two weeks. He had almost stopped eating, slept a lot, stayed isolated from the family. They have had Oscar since he was seven weeks old. He was such a beautiful dog and was very sweet. When his health declined so rapidly, my daughter could not stand it any longer, so she and her hubby took him to the vet. He discovered that Oscar had lots of arthritis in his spine and a spinal disease that left him very weak in his hind quarters and was pressing on his spinal cord and causing him lots of pain. He had been very irritable for several months prior to this, so I guess that was from being in so much pain. He loved playing with a laser(red bug) with Papa. He would run and run chasing that red laser on the floor. He still loved it, but had gotten a lot slower. He was our grandson's buddy. His little heart is so broken that this Mimi and cried and cried, too. He feels so lost without his best friend, Oscar. He even told him Mama that Oscar was a brother to him. Jackson is seven, but oh so smart and wise for his age. He misses his best friend so much and wants another buddy to greet him, play with him, cuddle with him. So, needless to say, this has been a very hard, long week. Keep them in your prayers, if you will.  Below, you will see a collage I made of various pictures from my daughter's collection of pics. We had a basset hound for over 12 years, and it hurt losing him, but losing Oscar has really hurt, too. 

Okay, let's move on to something more cheerful. I have so many projects on my to do list, it isn't funny. I typed it up to print out where I can check items off as I go. I have a minimum of three purses to make, one of which is mine. I have a minimum of three Christmas gift quilts to make, two swap items from Facebook groups, donation quilts that I want to finish, and possibly another two purses to add for sure later. I also promised to make that awesome little man in our lives, Jackson a stuffed puppy. That will probably be first on my list to do today. I have to cut out the pattern first, though. :D I pray that I have enough fabric to use for it. If not, a trip back to Hobby Lobby will be in store. I need to stop sitting in my recliner and get busy!! I enjoy working on these items, but really procrastinate especially if I am not feeling very well. I will have to stop that. LOL

Okay, I did get the last two pillows finished for my client, but need to make a few pieces of jewelry, or help DH make her some jewelry to go with it. I may send the pillows and worry about the jewelry later. It is not a paid item. She sent beads and asked that DH make her some jewelry. 

Well, I have to go get busy for now. Hope you all have a fantastic day. I need to do all I can this morning, because we are expecting some bad weather this afternoon. Take care and stop by and tell me what you have on your to do list.