Thursday, June 6, 2013

Christmas is on My Mind

Yes, you read correctly. I have Christmas on my mind. Christmas presents, that is. I have been planning and searching and planning for just the right fabric and pattern to make our children and their spouses a quilt. Yep, they know that is what they are getting, because I needed their input on fabric choices and what they desired. I chose the pattern for our son and DIL's quilt. They chose the colors. He has the most beautiful blue dress shirt that we have all loved seeing him in. You see, he has beautiful blue eyes. And this shirt makes his blue eyes pop! He has always loved blue, so I am not surprised about the color choice. I will be making the Day and Night Quilt by Eleanor Burns that you can see here:

The colors will be Kona Cotton's Surf blue, Kona cotton black and Kona cotton white. I know it will be a beautiful quilt when it is finished. I am nervous about making it, but I don't think it will be too hard once I get the fabric cut into the strips I need.

For our daughter and SIL, I will be making a Carpenter's Star quilt designed by Debby Maddy
seen here


I found my fabric at Joann's in Hoover on Monday. It is beautiful! I have two batiks that will be my blues. I bought Kona Cotton chocolate brown solid for the dark brown color, and I bought a pretty lighter brown fabric with vines on it for the light brown. I just have to get the background color which may be Kona Cotton  Ivory or Snow. Whichever goes best with the fabric I have. I can get that at Hobby Lobby. I would show you the fabrics, but I sort of want them to be a surprise for my daughter. LOL She has seen pics from my phone of the blues, but not the others.

I want to make our grandson a jungle quilt focusing on the big cats. I have a panel for the center but I need to add to it with just the right big cat blocks. Still looking for those. So, as you can tell, I have had a busy brain and online looking, but haven't done a lot of sewing.

 I did work on these blocks Tuesday and plan to do more on them today.

I have fourteen blocks done so far. I need maybe 21 more. That shouldn't take too long once I get in there and get started. 

Well, this is what I've been up to lately. Hope all is well with you and yours. Bless someone with your creative juices today.