Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday's Work in Progress (for me)

I know that Wednesday's are normally works in progress days, but I couldn't get this posted, so I am trying to show you a few pics of the crazy quilt I am working on. I am now to the part where I can start putting the blocks together to quilt using decorative stitching. This quilt out of Marguerita McManus's Crazy Shortcut Quilts book. I am enjoying the process, but I think I might have liked it with smaller squares. I don't know, though. It has been fun. I did not realize that I would get this far as fast as I did. I sure hope the quilting part goes this :-) I know the person for whom I'm making this is excited! I may not have done one of these if she had not hired me to do so. I probably would not have the confidence to stretch my skills. Now to show you some pictures:

So, what do you think?