Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

Good morning! I pray all is well with my friends and family. I was out of commission yesterday due to having an epidural put in my cervical spine 6-7 space due to inflammation in that nerve that caused major pain across my shoulder and down my left arm. Praying I can avoid having surgery on my neck. I go back in two weeks to have this checked and a possible redo.  Keep my in your prayers.

Update on puppies: They are doing great! Very sweet and loving. Have had our vet check them out and he was pleased with how well they are doing.  So glad we have them to keep us company.

I made my first hexie yesterday on the way to the hospital to have my epidural. I forgot to bring along a gem clip to hold my fabric onto the paper, so I stopped when the second one wasn't staying in the right place. I really like the way the first one came out, so I may work on them some today while I'm not doing a lot of moving. Pictures will be added when I get more done.

I worked on binding the Desert Mirage quilt on Monday, but still not finished. Will continue to work on that, too when I feel up to it. You can see it in my pictures above. Will post an updated picture when it is finished. 

I would like to share some tips with you today to add something different for the blog.

THURSDAYS TERRIFIC TIPS (From Stitches From the Heart Facebook Group with approval of Reba Bishop)
1. Let go of perfectionism. I'm not a perfectionist at all, but I imagine sewing would be a lot less fun if I were. Really, you won't notice that small imperfection within a day or two. Just enjoy your finished product.
2. Keep a little notebook of what you did (measurements, how you accomplished some detail). That way if you want to duplicate your project you don't have to start from the beginning.
3. Read your sewing machine manual, and if something's going wrong, go back and read it with new eyes--there may be some little thing you're doing wrong that's easily fixed.
4. A bar of soap still in the wrapper makes a perfect pin cushion and helps pins slide in easily.
5. Use elastic thread on waistband buttons. It’s a great idea for children and gives growing room.

From Fons and Porter website:

1. Use a utensil tray to put 2" strips in for a log cabin quilt block.
2. Use plastic pretzel jars to store scraps or crumbs in.

I use a small, sectioned, utensil crate I got at IKEA to put pens, scissors, etc. in to keep on my desk. I paid $.99 for each. They are made from wood, so can be painted to match your decorations in your sewing room. You can find so many great storage ideas at IKEA. If you have one close, and haven't been there, try it out. We go to the one in Tampa, FL when we visit our daughter. There is one in Atlanta, GA I think, too.

Picture of the day
Purse I made for my daughter for Christmas 2011