Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Day of Bowl Hop/ Facebook Groups

Today is the last day of the Bowl Hop.

I hope you have a chance to check them out. I've seen some really cool looking bowls.

Here's the last of the bowl hoppers

August 28th

I would like to share with my followers some of the wonderful Facebook pages I have joined. I stay on these pages more now than I do my news feed. The first one I joined was originally called Northeast Alabama Sews. The members were people from our area of the state except for the one I know who lives in Kentucky, but is formerly from Alabama. Well, it grew to people from other states, so our wonderful leader, Reba Bishop, changed its name to Stitches from the Heart. I so enjoy this group. There is no drama allowed and we talk about sewing, machines, get advice for problems we are having with our machines or project we are working on, etc. We encourage each other when needed. We are having an apron swap with the sign up ending tomorrow. We will be given a partner that we will make aprons for each other and send the apron to them. I am excited and so are the others who are just waiting to get started. If you are interested in joining a group with nothing but sewing projects, discussions, suggestions, etc. on clothes making to quilting, then check out this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/396425420401527/

The second group I joined was called Quilts and things.(https://www.facebook.com/groups/257946787643422/) It is a group mainly involving quilters, but many of the members in Stitches from the Heart are members of this group. We ending our first block lotto. We made two log cabin blocks using fall colors. One of the participants will be the lucky winner of all the blocks sent in. We are all anxious for the drawing to take place. It will probably be done this weekend. It is an awesome group; the leader is Linda Blevins. She has been doing a great job with all she is going through with her DH have major surgery recently. This group allows no drama either, and we offer suggestions, encouragement, sell items as needed/desired, bragging on the projects each of us is working on, tell others about websites or quilt patterns we have found, etc. It is hard to list all we do for each other in both of these groups.

I have also joined another group called For the Love of Scraps. It is led by Debbie Hughes. the same here about no drama, talk about quilt projects we are working on, encouraging each other, bragging on the projects, suggestions, etc. Some of the members of this group are also members of the other two. We are overlapping in some ways. LOL (https://www.facebook.com/groups/FortheLoveofScraps/)  

I belong to three other groups that I will share next time. I really have enjoyed belonging to these groups. I don't have to worry about reading a bunch of "crap" from the members. Many of us pray for each other. A few of us love to go back and forth picking at each other in a fun non-offensive way. We just have fun learning about each other and about new projects we can do. I love these ladies that I interact with in these groups. Facebook can be so drama filled, with cursing, disgusting pictures, back biting, etc. I got so tired of this and thought about deleting my account. The only reason I didn't was the support I get from some people on there. It is also the only way that I have connected with past classmates and others who have entered into my life at one time or the other. 

Thank you Reba, Linda, and Debbie for introducing me to how awesome being connected to fellow crafters can be. 

I pray you all have a blessed day. I am praying for the ones who will be affected by TS Isaac. We live far enough north that we will get rain, wind and possible spin off tornadoes, but hopefully nothing bad.

I am going to include a couple pictures of things I'm working on before I go.

Yep, this is what I've been working on. Here are the new puppies in our yard. They are awesome. We are afraid Blaze, on top, is sick. They are both going to the vet today to make sure they are okay. Please pray!

I will add some quilty photos next time. 

Be blessed,