Friday, August 24, 2012

Find a Friend Friday

I just signed up/linked up on Sew Many Ways blog to her Find a Friend Friday. I have not heard of this, but I am trying it out. I guess I will have to get more diligent with my blogging. LOL Check this blog out and if you are a blogger, may be you can link up, too! I would like to find more blogging friends and get more followers. I saw today I now have 26 followers! I am so excited! 

Our new family members are doing well, so far. Hubby is still not sure about them, especially the girl puppy. She barks a lot at the least little sound. I'm not sure why she does that, but I pray we can get her to stop. The boy, Blaze is doing awesome! He is so laid back, not mouthy like Dusty, and so sweet. She is sweet, too, but barks too much. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Our daughter and her family added a chocolate lab to their family tonight. They have Oscar, a Basset Hound, whom they've had for almost eight years. Grandson wanted a dog who will play with him, fetch, etc. So I think Charlie will be that dog for him.

I am having a nerve block on my C 6-7 vertebrae/disc area next Wednesday to see if that is where my pain is coming from. Thank God for a doctor who is not knife happy and rushes to the operating room. He was super nice, and so far, I would recommend Dr. Robert Robinson in Birmingham, AL. We will see what happens. I've never had one of these, so keep me in your prayers.

Well, my ice cream is calling my name. Have a blessed night!