Saturday, November 29, 2014

Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratulations Barb Nessle for winning the $25 gift certificate from Family Christian Bookstore!! Please email me your name, address, etc. at where I can notify Kristen from Family Christian.

Thank you for participating in the giveaway.


Monday, November 24, 2014

A Few More Days Left for the Giveaway!

I just want to remind everyone there are still a few more days left for the giveaway of a $25 gift certificate from Family Christian Bookstore in my previous post here. You have up to three chances to win, so give it a shot.

What have I been up to? Making Christmas gifts for my children is what! LOL After I finished quilting the Day and Night quilt for our DS and DIL's last year's Christmas gift, and preparing the backing for the disappearing nine patch quilt, I started working on Christmas gifts for this year. I believe I will start on them for next year at the beginning of the year. Hahaha!! We will see. I can't tell you what I'm working on exactly, because my daughter reads my blog, and I don't want her to know. :D 

In the previous paragraph, I mentioned the D9P quilt I am working on. I told you about it and posted a picture of the top in an earlier post. Well, I logged in to my Facebook page Saturday was a week ago, and her daughter's post was the first thing I saw. It was a picture of the four children with their mother (the lady the quilt is for) and her post stated that her mom had suddenly passed away the day before! Talking about shock! I was so upset and broken hearted!! I love that lady like a second mother and all of the kids are my friends. We would do anything for each other. Just because we had not communicated except on FB for years, doesn't mean we are not close. At the funeral home, it was just like time had not passed except we all are a little older. The mother and I were getting to know each other again and catching up with the lost years. She had not been sick either! The Lord said it was time, and just took her home. My heart hurts for the family. I know what they are going through. I have lost my mother, my step-mother and my MIL. It is a hurt that can not be healed except through Jesus. I just hate that I did not get her quilt finished in time for her to use it. But, I will get it quilted after Christmas and give it to one of the girls and let them enjoy it. She would have wanted that. Sometimes FB can be a hassle and can cause problems for some, it has been great for me since I have found many of my childhood friends and we communicate again and learn about each other's children, grandchildren, deaths in the family, and so on. It has been a blessing for me. I have made many new friends whom I will never meet on this earth. 

DH and I have also found us a church home. We actually joined a few weeks ago, and love it! The pastor and the church family are great and so welcoming to us and anyone else who comes. I am grateful that God has put them in our lives. We have searched for a long time to find just the right place that we both enjoy going to, and get fed the Word of God, but this church is it. So, I've joined the choir which means I have practice on Sunday afternoons. I try my best to attend Sunday morning, practice and Sunday evening. Plus I go on Wednesday night. I am so hungry and have missed attending church that I crave being there and being around God's people. That takes up some of my formerly free time, therefore, I haven't posted much.

I haven't had a lot to talk about either. Not a lot goes on with DH and me. We don't work anymore, so we stay at home a lot. I have also been going to physical therapy for my hips for several weeks. It has helped, but tonight they are hurting me. I sure hope that when therapy is over it doesn't just start all over again. I really need to exercise more and keep it up. Maybe that would help. Who know? 

Well, I guess I have said enough for now. I pray all is well with everyone. I have also been so busy that I haven't been reading a lot of other blogs and commenting either. Please forgive me. I will get back to it soon. Have a blessed week of Thanksgiving, and enjoy your family time. 

In Christ,  

Saturday, November 15, 2014

"At Home for Christmas" CD and a Giveaway!!!

I received a sample of this CD free from Family Christian Bookstore for my honest opinion in this review.

Silent Night, Holy Night, All is come, all is bright. . . . This is one of my favorite Christmas carols and is one of several on this CD called "At Home for Christmas." The songs are played the the Starlite Orchestra and contains two CDs. White Christmas, O Little Town of Bethlehem join Silent Night on Disc 1 of this CD package. On Disc 2 there is The Twelve Days of Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, another favorite of mine, and Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer.  There are a total of 25 beautiful renditions of the best Christmas music ever to be recorded in my opinion.

The Starlite Orchestra does a fantastic job. It is instrumental music, and I have enjoyed it immensely. Even though it is just getting to the Christmas season, I still love listening to good Christmas music that makes me get into the spirit of the season especially when it is excellently performed.

From the back of the CD, and I quote, "Nothing says "welcome" like a merry medley under the mistletoe!" Come home for Christmas when you listen to the beautiful sound of the Starlite Orchestra playing White Christmas  and many others.

I also have a giveaway that will be open for two weeks. It will be for a $25 gift certificate from Family Christian bookstore. What a great time to be able to purchase Christmas presents for your family!


Thank you all for stopping by! Have a blessed weekend. Share my giveaway with your friends, too!


Friday, October 31, 2014


Congratulations to Carolyn W. for winning the book giveaway. Everyone stay tuned there will be another giveaway from Family Christian Bookstore coming up soon!.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It is Finished!!! I Am So Excited!!!!

Hi y'all! I am popping in to do a new post for a change. LOL I hope you all have signed up for my giveaway of the book from Family Christian Bookstore called Wellness for the Glory of God. It ends tomorrow, so make sure you have gotten all of your chances to win. I will email the winner on Saturday once the giveaway is over. I also will have another review and giveaway coming up soon, so keep a watch!

What I am so excited about is the Day and Night quilt that I have been working on for over a year and was supposed to be a Christmas 2013 gift for our DS and DIL was taken out of the dryer just a few minutes ago. You just don't know how happy this woman is. I am so ready to be over this quilt. It just about kicked my booty. It is king sized, so since I don't have a quilting machine, and I don't have a large table to place it on when quilting it, it was a struggle. I finished it, so I am doing my happy dance all over the house. :D

Here it is: be kind, it isn't perfect by no means.

I also made my first Phoebe purse this past week. Here is a picture of it. I just used interfacing on this one, but I plan to make more and use fusible fleece/batting to give it more structure. I also want to make it a little larger than this one. I just used fabric I had in my stash to make it. The brown/teal floral is duck canvas fabric from Hobby Lobby. I've had it awhile.

Other than having physical therapy on my hips this week and next, I've not been feeling great. I feel better today, so I am getting much more done. Continue to keep me in your prayers.  

Have a blessed day!!
Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, October 24, 2014

Wellness to the Glory of God Book Review and Giveaway

***I received this book from Family Christian Bookstore at no cost to me for my honest review.

Wellness for the Glory of God : Living Well After 40 With Joy and Contentment in all of Life was written by John Dunlop, MD. This book is such an inspirational read, that I tended to dwell on different sections, so it has taken me a little time to get through it. But, I want to encourage you to read this very well written book, because it helps us to learn how to depend upon God and His guidance in all the areas of our lives.

Dr. Dunlop discusses what wellness really means: “wellness is the blessed state of experiencing all spheres of life functioning in harmony with God's ordained purpose.” Then he breaks down the term “wellness” into different areas of our life and how God intends for us to be well. He breaks it down into 1. physical wellness 2. mental wellness 3. social wellness 4. financial wellness 5. spiritual wellness and last 6. emotional wellness. In this book, Dunlop, who is a geriatrician (one who treats older adults), shares with us stories of different patients who are going through the various steps of wellness he discusses. He uses them as examples to help his readers better understand each concept.

One thing I really liked about this book, is he uses scriptures to back up his discussion. He also includes at the end a list of the scriptures he used and what page they are on. The use of scriptures made this book more meaningful to me, because I depend on the Word to help me grow as a Christian.

As one who is over forty, this book shows me the steps I need to take to stay well in all areas of my life. He shows examples of his patients, scriptural examples to back up what he talks about and his knowledge of each area as a physician. When one thinks of being well, he or she may only consider physical wellness. I know I tend to do that myself. But, being well means so much more and covers so many more areas of our lives. How well are you? Do you know what wellness in the areas I listed above means? If not, you need to get this book from Family Christian Bookstore and read it.

I am sponsoring a giveaway for this book!! Make sure you comment here and go through the requirements in the Giveaway Tools section and maybe you will win a copy! Thank you for stopping to read my review of this greatly informative book.  You can find this book at Family Christian Bookstore online at


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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Magnolia Market Review by Judy Christie

.Magnolia Market
Photo from BookLook

It has been a year since her life changed dramatically. A year since her husband suddenly died. She thought her situation was about to improve when the final steps were taken in her purchase of the classy boutique where she worked. A place she had brought back from ruin. A business that she had put her heart and soul into and loved. But, events happened suddenly that changed Avery Broussard's life forever.  

She is expecting someone else when this tall, dark, and handsome man walks in and immediately grabs her attention. She is unaware of why he is there or who he is until he says he is there to do repairs on the shop. She has no clue what is going on, but wants him gone before the guest she is expecting arrives. This mystery man becomes more and more important in Avery's life as it turns upside down when her mother-in-law, Evangeline arrives and tells her that she is selling the store to someone else. Avery is devastated when she discovers all that the almighty Broussards have planned for her. 

After accidentally running into a store building with her SUV called, Magnolia Market, she discovers exactly how much her life can change in a heartbeat even more than it already has. This event along with learning she has lost the boutique opens doors for Avery that she never dreamed were there. She is given new hope and challenges that enables her to create a new life. Avery's faith is tested and tried, but God prevails in what He wants for her. Her only family consists of her father who is a missionary and lets her know he is praying for her daily. That conversation leads Avery to open her Bible to Jeremiah 29:11. Two words stand out to her hope and future. These two words helps Avery survive during the next adventures she faces. Such an inspiring message!

Read this book to find out what all happens to Avery, and how God brings about blessings from trials and struggles, and how Avery discovers the plans God has to bring hope and a future for her. Avery shows what determination and hard work can bring into her life. She and T.J. work together to build a new futures. There are laughs, hard times, struggles of all kinds in this story. Neither of the main characters find themselves where they ever thought they would be at this time in their lives. 

Experience a great storyline creative writing, and interesting characters. Each character develops the story line and supports the main characters well. I really enjoyed this book and it was an inspiring story to me. I believe it will encourage any reader by showing that just because life has its struggles and hardships, that if we lean on God, He will make a way to bring happiness and new life.

Magnolia Market by Judy Christie is a book I received from BookLook Bloggers to review for them. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was hooked at the beginning! If you love romantic stories, family feuds, business adventures, helping others, etc., you will like this book. This book contains all of the above and more. I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more by Judy Christie.

I was sent this book free to review for BookLook Bloggers. I received no other compensation for review. This review shares my thought and opinions of the book.