Friday, April 4, 2014

I Know, I Know!

I know I have been missing for several weeks. I've been going through some things that caused me not to feel like blogging. So, I will give a little explanation about how things are going around this household. 

The last post I told you that I had gotten a new Janome machine. Well, it has been back to the dealer twice since I got it on March 5th. This machine has a screen that goes up and down to put it at eye level, plus it gives me more room to maneuver quilts in the harp area when it is up. For some reason, mine kept coming off track and would not go up. The owner has been so awesome for helping me get it back on track. He said he will send it to Janome the next time it happens, though. He gave me his wife's old sewing machine table, because he thinks it might be the table I was using that caused it to happen. I don't think so, because it is a heavy duty table I got at Home Depot. The problem with the one he gave me is it is not as big as the table I am accustomed to, but I will have to put it where I can place my other table beside it to help hold the quilts while I'm working on them. He is getting his wife a new table for mother's day, so he gave me this one. I thought that was really nice of him. :D I'm also scheduled to go next week for my first lesson on my machine. I was never even offered one on my first Janome, but since this one has the Acufil quilting system and embroidery on it, I guess they feel I need lessons. LOL I do really enjoy the machine when I use it. I am almost finished binding my grandson's quilt and will post pics of it when I get it washed. I have almost finished quilting the Carpenter's Star quilt, too. All I like are the borders. 

This is the Carpenter's star and what I'm putting in the corner squares. I'm finished with all of them. It isn't perfect. They aren't lined up like that should be, but remember that I am still learning about this program. It is actually an embroidery design. I think overall when I get it finished and washed, it won't look too bad. Hope so anyway. I keep being told that we are our own worst critics, and I know that is true for me.

What else has been going on with me? My bursitis/arthritis/fibromyalgia has been messing with me big time. I've had such pain in my hips all across the pelvic area of my hips from one side to the other it isn't funny. I finally gave in and called my RA doctor. He had the nurse call me in something for pain and a dose pack of Prednisone. I hate to take steroids, but sometimes one has to do what one has to do to get better. I have hurt to sit down, to lie down, not getting sleep because of hurting. It hurt to stand on my feet for long. I took the pack, but the day I took the last one, my hips flared up again. I was only pain free for a couple of days. Well, I called them back and they scheduled me to come in Wednesday for steroid injections. One in each side for bursitis. That is what it is and it is radiating all across from one side to the other. Believe me it is painful. I didn't sleep well last night because of my left side/hip hurting. I couldn't get comfortable. They said if this didn't do the job, I may have to take Prednisone for more than just six days to get the inflammation under control. Ugh!!!! I hate pain! Keep me in your prayers that this works. I need to be sitting here with ice packs on my hips, so I will probably do that soon. Then I need to vacuum the floors and get into the sewing room.

Our daughter and son-in-law are in the process of buying a house in a town close to them in Florida. They have been renting for the five years they have been there, so they are ready to settle down. They found them an older home, but it is in great shape and is bigger than where they live now. It is also on almost two acres of land, so the grandson is happy about the exploring opportunities. It has a regulation sized tennis court on there that can be used for many things for little boys, plus they can learn to play tennis and get exercise. I am so proud for them. Our grandson is home-schooled, so we will be watching him for a week or so once they get the closing date and during their move. That way he won't get hurt, stepped on, something dropped on him, or run over. We can keep him occupied, hopefully.  I told our grandson that I would teach him to sew on my Brother machine while he is here. He has gotten on a shark obsession, so I'm hoping I can find some shark fabric to help him make a couple of pillow cases while he is here for his bed. He is so anxious to come up here. He loves it here. I am also proud to say they have already found a church that is only three miles from their new home location. They love it and the pastor and his wife are close to their ages and have been very supportive.

I don't have a lot of exciting news to share, so I'm going to let you go for now. I pray you are all doing well, and I wish you the best of weekends! Be creative, and show someone some love!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Machine and Quilting

Good morning! It is a beautiful morning here in Alabama after being cloudy and raining Tuesday in to Wednesday. It is chilly, but the sun is shining and the daffodils are blooming, the trees are budding, and one apple tree is leafing. I love spring, except for the allergies, but love seeing everything come back to life. I feel refreshed and anew as only God can make me feel. My mood brightens, and I feel energized. What about you? Does spring have that affect on you? Share with me about your favorite part of the year. I know many of you are ready for the snow to be gone!

I traded in my Janome 7700 for a Janome 11000 Special Edition. I did not want one that expensive, but hubby wanted me to have it since I could sew, quilt and embroider on it. I am loving it! I have only embroidered one thing, so far just to try it out. But, I've been quilting the Carpenter's Star quilt on it. I thought I loved my extension table when I was quilting, but I've found that I have much more room on my table without it and I do the quilting easier. My quilting isn't as good as I want it to be, but I was told on FB yesterday not to talk down about my quilting. LOL Love that woman! Of course, we are always our worst critics are we?

I am loving what I can do with this machine. Of course, I am still learning so much! A sweet Facebook friend sent me what she called some crayons, but it was a spool of bobbin thread and some Sulky embroidery thread. Love it! Can't wait to use it! I just need to learn more about this machine and plan some gifts using the embroidery designs.

Going to go. Have a blessed and creative day! Be quilty!


Monday, March 3, 2014

What will your answer be?

Good wet, cold Monday morning! How any of you are ready for spring to come and the cold, snow, sleet, ice to go away? I know I am. I live in Alabama, but we've had snow three times this year so far. We were in the 70s yesterday and the 50s this morning and the temps will drop as the day goes by. Thankfully, we don't have coming what my friends in the north, west and east of us do. I enjoyed the weather yesterday so much, and I'm ready for more of that type. Sunny, temperatures mild, breeze blowing. Uh huh. LOL

I don't have anything new to share today. That is one reason why I've not posted lately. I feel like I don't have anything anyone will be interested in reading about. Ever feel that way? I do. I have started the quilting process on the Carpenter's Star quilt I made, but haven't gotten past the center star where I did my first "real" hand quilting. It doesn't look great, the stitches are way too big, but I'm learning. I will try to continue the quilting using my machine though. I plan to work on that some today. As far as any other sewing goes, nothing. Not that I didn't want to, but just either have not felt like it due to my arthritis having flared its ugly head, or I was prepping for a colonoscopy and having it done. All news was good from that! Praise the Lord. I had polyps last year, so I had to have another one done this year. Now I have the pleasure of waiting five years! Wahoo!!! 

Another reason that I have not had a lot to say lately, is that I'm researching embroidery machines. I don't really have room for two machines, so hubby gave me these options: get a stand alone embroidery machine and supplies for less than $1000. I want at least a 5 x 7" hoop. Or, I can trade in my Janome for a combinations sewing/quilting/embroidery machine. I found out that the Janome I was sent from the company to repair my relationship with them after the fiasco over my Horizon MC 7700 QCP not getting repaired and having problems getting anything from Janome headquarters is not the machine I was led to believe. It is a New Home 7700 QCP. Did not cost as much new as my Horizon did. I was concerned about this, but I blame myself for falling for it. I want to be about to quilt/ sew and embroider. I want to be able to add monogramming or flowers or whatever to my quilts, handbags, shirts, etc. Does that make sense? I am looking at a Janome that has the above included. Costs much more than ever imagined I would be able to pay, but hubby is willing. I've looked at Brother machines. Not sure they would take my New Home in as a trade-in though. I do not want to buy online. I want to buy from a dealer who will service it and repair it if needed, plus be able to teach me how to use it. I have read online and have friends who have BabyLock machines. I have friends who have Pfaff's and Husquavarna? machines. 

I would like for you to tell me what your favorite machine is and your feedback on combo embroidery/quilting machines. Will you do that for me? Thank you so much for your input. I value your input, but reserve the right to make my own decision. I will let you know what I decide after more research and trying out some machines.

Have a blessed day! Be Creative!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday Post

CQ Block with Good Earth Quilting Blog

 Still working on this CQ block. Don't have a lot left to do, but enough. LOL

What I'm working on. I'm getting read to quilt the Carpenter's Star quilt. It is pinned and ready to quilt. Keep your fingers crossed.  Our daughter and SIL's Christmas gift. Didn't get it for Christmas, but hopefully before next year. LOL

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and a Flimsy Finish!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Happy Friday as well! I have a few things to share with you today. So, let's get started!

First, our weather has been wild this winter. In Alabama, we don't get a lot of snow, but within the last two weeks, we have had snow!!! One was predicted to go south of us, but guess what? The cold air coming in slowed down, so it wound up hitting us! Everyone in the Birmingham and Atlanta areas were hit suddenly by surprise since it was supposed to be south Alabama and more south than Atlanta, too. It hit all the way down to the beach eventually, but the snow and ice hit the area between ten and lunch. It was awful! So many people were stranded on the interstates and other roads. Many accidents happened, etc. I don't like those kind of days. Then Wednesday we were forecast to get snow, and we did, but not as much as they expected. Georgia was hit with an awful ice storm. Our snow was almost all gone by dark last night. There are still at least two school systems still closed today where they received the highest amount of snow. Some areas received seven inches! In Alabama no less. LOL

Second, I've been working to finish the Day and Night quilt for our son and his wife. It was supposed to be for Christmas, but it didn't make it to be done. I still don't have it quilted, but I do have the top finished! Yea!! I'm very excited, so I will share a couple of pictures with you. I will also link up with Richard and Tanya Quilts Link a Finish Friday.

I've also been working on my winter crazy quilt block for Good Earth Quilting Crazy Quilt- Along. Here is an updated photo of what I've done so far.

I hope you all have a great weekend!! I still have some work to do on the above cq block, so I will do that today. Be blessed and be crafty!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crazy Quilt 2014 Quilt Along Winter Block

I am participating in the Crazy Quilt Along 2014 on We are creating four seasonal blocks. I started with my winter block. I used colors that demonstrate colors I see in winter in Alabama. The bright red is a symbol for the red birds/cardinals that frequent our yard. I love to watch the birds that come to our yard and eat, etc. The browns are the ground and dormant grass. Greens stand for the evergreen trees purples, blues, and grays stand for various skies that show up. The gray skies are when it is cloudy. I sure wanted to add some snow on here, but didn't. We still have snow from Tuesday on the grounds, but we don't get it often. The oranges in each corners stand for the beautiful sunset colors that have shown up lately. I hope I did this correctly. Also, I will be doing my first hand embroidery stitches as embellishment on these blocks. Wish me luck!!! I want to find some cute/pretty items to embellish these blocks more. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks!!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Snow Go Away!!!

Now, I know that many of my readers are from the north or various places where snow is a norm for you. Since I live in Alabama, we are not accustomed to much snow or are our cities and counties equipped for this type of weather. We live in north central Alabama, and the forecast was for the middle towards the south part of our state to be hit with snow, ice, etc., and this is very unusual. Normally, if we get snow it shows up in the northern part of our state. So, when approximately 9 AM it started snowing here at my house, and kept snowing, and kept snowing, practically until almost dark, we knew that something was not right. LOL We were expected to get a dusting at best. Well, in our front yard, DH measured 3 inches!! Everything is white! Schools were not scheduled to dismiss, people traveling were not prepared, businesses were not prepared for what happened. We have many stranded on the interstates, and other roadways. People left their cars stranded everywhere to try and get someplace warm. So far, five fatalities have been reported. The weather did move south, but much later in the day. Our son works in Birmingham and lives approximately 34 miles from his job. His wife works in the Gadsden area at the moment. He left work and it took him over seven hours to get home. He left his car stranded on the county road to his house and started walking. His wife also had to leave her car and started walking from the other end of the road. She was picked up by someone in a 4 x 4 and they went and picked up our son. My brother-in-law works at a hospital in Birmingham which is a little over an hour away from his home and it took him 11.5 hours to get home. Had he stayed on his normal route home, he would still be stranded. At least 24 miles of I-20 from not far from our house to Birmingham is closed due to accidents, stranded cars and the ice not allowing people to move. It has been a nightmare! Most roads are impassable. I am going to show you some pictures of around our house and if I can share some from the news agency we watch. Please keep all in prayer. Many children spent the night at school because they couldn't get home. Many people spent the nights at work since they couldn't get home. Many people spent the night in shelters or in their cars. 

The picture above came from a facebook posting tweeted to them by the person listed in the photo. This is just one of the many messes we have. 

Please keep everyone in your prayers. Pray for the families who have lost loved ones during this, too. The sun is now shining, and we all are hoping and praying the roads clear up soon. It is not scheduled to get above freezing temperatures, though, so I'm not sure how it will go as far as thawing the roads.

I'm going to try and sew some today. I'm still having a headache from my sinus issues, so not sure how much I will feel up to doing.