Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Puppy Update and Crazy Quilt Update

Good evening my friends. I pray everyone is well and showing how creative you can be. I wanted to pop in and give an update on the puppies and the crazy quilt.

Today, we brought the puppies home. They are feeling much better and happy to be back in their place. They were so happy to see us when we got them! We have to give them three antibiotics a day. One of them three times a day, one one time a day and one two times a day! Wow, I'm glad my husband is good with stuff like this and is taking care of it. They have been really sick and since they are outside dogs, we left them a couple more days at the vet where they were given more time to get their medicine and to get better and stay warm. It has been really cold here at night and didn't want them to sleep outside. We are thrilled they are better and pray that we can continue their medicine and they get well. 

The crazy quilt is almost finished!!!! All is needed now is binding and a few embellishments added. I am pleased for the most part in how it turned out. Not really happy with the sashing stitches, but I did the best I could. Let's see some recent pictures of it.

Top photos are of the front and bottom photos are of the back. Two quilts in one!  Do not copy these photos without my permission. Teresa's Quilt Journey

What do you think? I am liking it myself, and the client for whom it was made loves it so far. I am glad this thing is almost done. Ready to get the binding done and embellishments and move on. It has definitely been a learning experience. I enjoyed working on this, but have no desire to do a king sized one for a while.

I pray you all have a blessed day and trust God for healing for all those who are sick. I thank you for following my blog and my journey in the world of quilting.



  1. I have to say that it was an ambitious project to make a king sized quilt the first time you made this type quilt.

    1. Gene, I agree with you totally. LOL


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