Sunday, April 26, 2015

Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving and Finding the Church A book review

Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans

Rachel H. Evans shares with her readers the journey she took when church as she knew it growing up became something unknown and unwanted. She reveals her struggles finding what “church” really is. She leads the reader as she discusses the various sacraments of the church – baptism, confession, communion, Holy Orders, confirmation and others. She guides the reader through the steps she took to find what she needs in a church and how it affected her walk with God.

The author, Rachel Held Evans has written several books and is a well known blogger, but this is the first of her writings that I have read. 

“Millennials aren't looking for a hipper Christianity.... We're looking for a truer Christianity, a more authentic Christianity.”

This quote from the beginning of the book (above) says what many feel today about the church. Evans explains how many churches today do not meet the needs of the congregation and do not show the love of Christ to everyone as they should. I believe many people, not only the ones Evans relate to the most, are searching for what the church is supposed to be instead of what it is. They are looking for the Jesus who spent time with the sinners; the ones who others shunned.

The author shares the experiences they had as she and her husband visits various churches in search for what they desire in a place of worship. Each time they grow more and more disheartened as they fail to find what they need. This book gives insight to different types of congregations and doctrines; which church welcomes the lost and those who don't; some of which I can not agree with. The reader is inspired to search his/her own heart and soul to find exactly what it is he/she expects from the church and from Christianity.

If you are searching for Sunday, or what church is once again, then check out this book. I found it difficult to read and understand what I read in some parts, but that may just be me, and have nothing to do with the book itself. This is my honest opinion and the only compensation I received was the book itself.

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