Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Adventures!

Hello!!! I hope and pray all is well with my awesome followers! I am sorry that I have not been as diligent as I should be with keeping this up, but here I am!!! It is a new day and a new start! So, lets get started with my updates.

I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. First we had awesome family time as my last post noted with our DD and DGS visiting us. We really enjoyed their visit, but as usual it takes me a few days to get over being so tired. I do more while they visit than normal, LOL, and so I have to recuperate. Of course, their visit involves playing the Wii with the DGS and that is something I need to do myself more often. I cook more when they are here, too. Even though my DD, who is a great cook and loves to do so, helps out, it still tires me out. We picked apples the first full day they were here and over that week, I cooked four apple crisps. I used almond flour instead of wheat flour and Splenda instead of sugar. They turned out tasty! That DGS loved them! We went to Gadsden Imagination Children's Museum. I really didn't see how it was a museum, it was more of a place for kids to play with different scenarios. What I did see that was cool is show in a couple of pictures below. They had a working model train of Gadsden in the 1930's. It was really neat to watch and look like. My husband and I recognized several locations. I lived in the area for a year and he lived there as a child and his grandparents lived there for years. He still has family who live in the area. We had several other plans, but didn't get to do them. It rained a good bit while they were here, so I didn't get to take him fishing or swimming. :(  I took a few snap shots of them while they were here. Love these peeps! LOL

Above you will see a few projects I worked on for them while they were here. I made my daughter an Alabama rag quilt purse seen below, and she wanted a mug rug with the fabrics, too. So as you can see above, I made one. My DGS loves sharks and wants to do his bathroom in them, so I embroidered and appliqued on a towel, washcloth and hand towel his mom bought to put in his bathroom. I also made him a smaller mug rug with fabric that looks like water and put him a shark on it.

Our new great-niece will be here by tomorrow sometime. Yea!!! She is the one that I made the Sunbonnet Sue quilt for. I sure hope she likes it. My sister-in-law and BIL are taking it to them when they head up that way today after lunch. I know they are getting excited, but are not showing it as much as I would be. LOL I am praying that the niece has an easy delivery and she and the baby Ellia will be healthy. 

I am in process of cleaning up my sewing room. DH purchased me some larger translucent totes after I requested them where I could combine the little totes and ice cream buckets I have sitting everywhere into the larger totes, but still see what is in them. Hopefully, that will make it look neater in there. I sure hope so, because I WILL get the Day and Night quilt pinned and ready to quilt before this week is out. 

Hugs and best wishes to you all. May God bless each and everyone of you.