Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where I've Been Lately

I guess you have been wondering why I haven't posted much lately. I have been enjoying spending time with our daughter and grandson who arrived on the 2nd and stayed until the 9th for an awesome visit. We don't get to spend as much time as we would love to with them because they live five hundred miles away from us. This, of course, makes us sad, but her hubby's job took them there in 2008. We get to go there a few times a year and they try to come up as much as they can. Sometimes her hubby has to stay home to work which is what the situation was this week. It was their spring break. DD home schools DGS, so they can come when they get the chance and the money, LOL. I have added some pictures I took of our last day together. 

As you may know, I live in Alabama. The highest point in Alabama is Cheaha Mountain. It is 2400+/- feet above sea level. I know those of you who live either in Tennessee, Virginia, or out in the north west, that may not seem high to you. But if you can tell anything about the background of the first picture, you can tell we can see a pretty long distance from the top. We had a blast going to Bald Rock which is where a few of these pictures were taken. It is one of the main overlooks that is on the mountain. It is so so pretty there. Of course, the pollen was out in full force that day. The trees were just starting to blossom out, so even thought DH washed the car off before going up there, by the time we got back, it was covered again. 

This was DGS first time there. We took our children when they were small up there several times. Then, the boardwalk was not there, so we walked on a trail through the big rocks to get to the biggest rock called Bald Rock. The picture of my DH and DGS with their backs to you is on the rock itself. He wanted to go out there off the boardwalk. It sure was a lot easier walking to the rock on the boardwalk. We all went out there and onto different rocky ledges to take pictures and explore. DGS enjoyed himself, I believe. I know I did. It was fun, good exercise, and good Vitamin D exposure. 

I was able to get some really good pictures with my Christmas present camera. I am really pleased with it. It is a Nikon Coolpix. I love it! I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures. DD and DGS made it back home safely on Tuesday and yesterday was her birthday. It doesn't seem like she should be the age she is. I was 20 yo when she was born. She is precious to us as is her brother. We were blessed with the children God loaned to us. They are not only beautiful/handsome people, but smart, talented, loving people, too. We are very proud of them and that they are ours and Gods, of course. 

On the sewing/quilting front, I have all but two rows of four yoyos sewn onto the bed runner. Then I will add the leaves. The crazy quilt pillows are all but done, but I'm waiting until I finish the bed runner and those pillows to send them to the new owner. I sure hope she loves them all. Then, I will be designing and making a fishing pillow for her husband. I am so ready to make a few donation quilts and start on Christmas gifts for next Christmas. 

I hope you have a blessed day. If you live in the areas where the storms are expected or have been, I pray you are safe, and stay safe. Be creative and have fun doing so!!!