Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crazy Quilt Update

Crazy Shortcut Quilt (Marguerita McManus) that I've been working on for several months shows progress! Yeah!!! I have three rows sashed and sewn together as of yesterday. I like the way it is looking except my sashing stitches are not up to my standards. It is difficult to do decorative stitching on  a narrow strip and do it straight!. I sure hope she likes it anyway. :D The top two pictures are showing the top and the bottom two pictures are showing the back. In essence, it will be two quilts in one. One side soft colors and the other side wild. LOL This is the first one I've ever made like this and it is QAYG method. I wouldn't mind making another one, but definitely not king sized. It is huge!!!!! I can't even lay out the entire seven square row across my queen sized bed. I think it will look nice on a king sized bed when it is finished. I'm definitely not looking forward to doing the binding on this quilt. I plan to finish the last four rows by sewing them to each other today and then the decorative stitching on the sashing. Then it will be ready for binding. I know the client is excited and anxiously waiting for her quilt. I ready for her to have it. It has been an enjoyable and learning project. I want to try a Christmas lap sized quilt for me and see how it turns out. Give me your feedback as to how you think it looks. The pictures actually do not do justice to the actual quilt.

What crafty activities have you been up to lately? Have a blessed day!