Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Morning Plans

Good Saturday Morning to everyone! I hope you are all well and being crafty or at least spending family time. I have just sat down from breakfast and washing dishes and sweeping the floors. I had to sit down to cool. Sweat is pouring off of me. That isn't unusual. That is why I love the cooler weather. Not only did I get this sweating from my dad, but some of the medicine I take causes excessive sweating. Boy do I sweat. Some women perspire, but honey, I sweat with a capital S. LOL So, before I get into my sewing room and continue cutting squares and quilting, I needed to cool down and do a blog post. 

Do you realize how close Christmas is? It is getting here too fast for me! I have too much to do for it to get here this soon. What about you? Is it arriving at your house faster than you want it to, or have you already made or bought your gifts? I have a Secret Santa gift I need to get done today where I can get it in the mail. That is if I can figure out what I am going to make. Do you ever have that problem? Deciding on what you want to make someone? Especially someone you don't personally know? Well, I do. She loves country colors, so I am going with that. Now to someone I don't know, but making something for her? That is this king sized quilt I am making for a Facebook friend. It is my first try at a Crazy quilt, but thank the Lord it is quilt as you go, or QAYG. I went fabric shopping on Thursday and found some awesome fabric, but I need more. So, I will either return to Wilson's or go to Joann's and see what I can scatter throughout the quilt. I believe I will have good luck there, too. Here is a peek at the fabrics I've purchased so far:

I am so happy that she loves it! I feel I have plenty of green and rose, maybe a little more blue and butter yellow. I am getting excited about getting started on this, but I still need the backing and the few extra fat quarters. I may go to a quilt shop that I've heard has some pretty batik that is really wide. So, I am going to check that out. Otherwise, I will order what the lady found online. I just thought of a question to ask the author of the book Crazy Shortcut Quilts about the backing yardage. It doesn't seem to be enough.

If you look in the back left corner of the photo you will see the fabric for the project I will do before starting this quilt. It will be a rag quilt for a friend of mine, Gene Black, (his blog link is in my sidebar). He gathers donation quilts for a teenage house, so that is the fabric I will be using for that project. I'm really excited about that, too. 

What do you have on your agenda for this weekend? Please take the time to stop by and tell me what you are working on. I love your comments!

Have a blessed day,]