Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breast Cancer Rag Quilt Finished and Sold!

As you can tell, the quilt is finished! I am very proud of how it turned out. Even proud of the back. I am also excited to inform you that the quilt has been purchased and the money donated to my daughter where she can donate it to Making Strides for breast cancer. I am so happy that someone loved it enough to want to get it as a gift for a friend. Thank you, Michelle! I will be shipping, the good Lord willing, today. I woke up sometime during the night with another headache. So, I pray I will get to feeling well enough to take it to the post office to send to the recipient. Thanks to all who donated fabric, batting, and encouragement while I was making this quilt.

Yesterday, I worked some on on log cabin blocks for a Christmas quilt. It will either be mine, or my daughter's. Depends on how it turns out. I have to do some house cleaning especially dusting before I do much more. LOL I have many projects in my mind I want to do. First comes some Christmas gifts. I have been commissioned to make a king sized quilt for a lady. I am waiting on the check from Paypal to arrive where I can start on my adventure to purchasing just the right fabric. I am getting so excited!

 I have really been blessed this week. I thank God for His blessings. I want to continue to make quilts as a way to show His love to others.