Friday, February 13, 2015

What I've Been Working On

I have been making handbags lately instead of quilts. I have a quilt in mind that I want to start cutting out, but just haven't done it, yet. I want to sell some of my handbags and have a couple all ready made to sell. I just haven't had anyone want either one, yet. :D I will start posting them on a page called "Handbags" and if you are interested in having one made like it, or want the one in particular if I have it listed for sale, then, just email me and we will work something out. I will now show you what I've done lately.

Bonnie by Swoon Sewing Patterns

Bag I sold to a lady

Bag for sale $30 Fallon by Clobird Designs

Sold Rag Bag

For Sale Ask price 

Any of the bags here I can make and sell. I have other patterns as well. If interested, just check with me at

Have a blessed day,