Friday, August 1, 2014

Family Christian Bookstore

I would like to tell you that I am now a review blogger for Family Christian Bookstore. I am considering starting a new blog for reviews. What do you think? Many of the reviews I will do will be put on their page as a review of a book I read that they send me. Others may need to be on my blog. What would I name such a blog? Any ideas? I am open to suggestions. 

They are looking for some more bloggers, so they are asking us to share this link with you: If you are interested, please let Kristen know that I sent you. If you are interested in review books for children, teens or adults; fiction and non-fiction; and any other items they desire to be reviewed, please go to the link above and sign up. Let me know if you get accepted to review products for them. I would love to know who jumps in. 

So, what do you think of me starting a blog just for reviews to go along with this blog? Let me know what you think and give me suggestions for names, too. I just may send someone a surprise if I choose his/her name.

On the quilting front, I pinned the princess quilt I'm making for a client. I also have 2/3 of the Day and Night quilt I'm making for our son and DIL pinned. I was going to finish it today, but....... It will get done. 

I have also been hired to quilt a top for a FB friend of mine when we can get together to swap the items from her to me. 

I am also getting back on my Wheat Belly way of eating. My goal is to get completely off anything with wheat in it. I have been suffering too much since I fell off the wagon. Keep me in your prayers as I do this. 

My great-niece was born on Wednesday, July 30th. She is gorgeous! I will be happy when I can hold her and give her some kisses and loving. I have also been sharing the story of a precious baby girl of two of my former students. Lakyn was born last week with some major heart problems. She had her first surgery yesterday, and did very well. Please keep her and her parents in your prayers. They are both school teachers, and school is starting very soon. I am not sure what they will do about this time in their lives and getting to work, but God is in control and will take care of everything. 

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know you did