Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Disney Princess Baby Quilt is Finished!

Good morning friends and family! How are you all doing this beautiful morning? It is stormy here at my home, or at least a storm is getting close. LOL We are up early and feeling blessed.

God is so good to me and my family. We are blessed in so many ways, and I am so thankful for what He is doing in my life. He is showing me ways that I can be more of a witness for Him through my blog, and social media. I am not ashamed to say that He is in my heart, and I am His. God sent His only Son to die on the cross for me, yes, little ol' me. I am not worthy of His love, but I don't have to be worthy, and neither do you.

If you will notice, my blog is slowly changing its format from just my quilting, handbags, and other projects to a mixture of that plus book and music reviews. I am doing reviews for Family Christian Bookstore and just became a member of BookLook Bloggers. You will see both badges on my sidebar. I love to read. Always have loved to read. I don't read as much as I did before I started quilting, but I still get in some reading everyday. I thought, why not use my love of reading to review Christian books, Bibles, children's books, music, devotionals and Bible study books? So, I signed up for Family Christian Bloggers on Facebook. Then, a comment on my last post sent me to the lady's blog where I saw that she reviews for BookLook. I looked them up and found that I could do it, too! I have sent for my first book, so be on the lookout for another book review soon. 

I started working on the king sized quilt yesterday. This is going to take awhile, I am afraid. That thing is so heavy!!! I am using some of my Acufil quilt program designs to quilt in each section of the 12 in. blocks. Plus I am stitching in the ditch around each square. This is not necessarily how I wanted to quilt it, but that is what is working for now. I stitched three blocks and around the six blocks in the middle row yesterday. I will stitch designs in the other three blocks when it isn't storming. I will have to work on more than one project at a time during this quilting project. I can't work on it longer than an hour or so at a time. I have another quilt I will be cutting out after pressing the fabric, so that will take care of the need for another project. I can tell you now, I will not be quilting another king sized quilt. I will make the top, but I will send it to be quilted by someone else. This girl's machine isn't large enough to handle many king sized quilts. LOL 

Here is my latest finish. I was asked to make a Disney Princess quilt for a new grand-baby on the way. I found this panel, and I fell in love! I see some things I will do differently next time, but I think it turned out pretty cute. I had planned on delivering it yesterday, but a storm blew in about the time I was ready to leave. I plan to deliver it today, so I'm hoping it isn't storming when I need to leave. 

I hope the baby enjoys it and the grand-mother who ordered it loves it, too. It has a pretty pink backing with a label the same color as the binding (purple). The embroidery on the label has pink thread. 

I will go for now. Stay tuned and hopefully, I will be blogging more in the future than I have in the past. May God bless you and your family.