Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bama Belles: My Quilting Group

Good morning! I pray all is well at your home. We are doing well, but it is chilly here in Alabama. We got up to 25 degrees and frost all over the place. Of course, I know that isn't as cold as some of my followers have, but it is cold for us southerners. LOL 

I attended the luncheon for my quilting group yesterday, and we are called Bama Belles. We ate at Olive Garden, but there were a couple of problems with that. One, I ate too much of the wrong things; two, we couldn't talk to everyone. We were sitting at a few tables put together and that made it where we couldn't talk to each other. Also, the noise was awful and that caused another reason we couldn't talk. But, the ladies who planned this didn't want a potluck and wanted to go to Olive Garden. It just isn't conducive to good visiting with each other situation. But, we all had a great time. We had a great turnout. A few weren't there, but I enjoyed myself spending time with my sister. I love being around those ladies. I learn so much from each of them. We enjoy talking over projects we want to do, working on quilts to donate to Wrap Them in Love. Several of them are going to my fellow blogger, Gene Black, for his Angel Project for the teen home in Guntersville, AL. I was able to donate one last year, but I've been working on commission projects all year and now trying to get Christmas gifts finished, so I wasn't able to participate this year. I know Bama Belles has already donated seven, and I think we will have several more to give him according to the leader, Linda Jimerson who is another fellow blogger.

A few of us left Olive Garden and went to the church. I had asked if we were going over to the church afterwards. Linda said a few of them probably were, so I asked for assistance pinning our daughter and her husband's quilt that I had planned to have done by Christmas, but that isn't going to happen. So, thankfully a few of us went over there and while Linda was taking pictures of some quilts, Lois, Rosa and I pinned this monster of a queen sized Carpenter's Star quilt. It would have taken me hours to pin this myself. I am forever grateful to those who assisted me with this. Linda helped as soon as she finished snapping pictures. She also trimmed the batting and backing off for me while it was on the table. I owe them big!!! Now to figure out how to repay them...... Any suggestions?

Here are a few of the quilts that Lois made to donate:

Aren't they beautiful? This lady can put out some quilts. I love them both.

I think that is all I have to say today. Hope you all have a blessed day. What are you working on this week?