Monday, November 18, 2013

The Avengers Have Arrived!!!

Hello!!! I know it has been awhile, but I've been suffering for a month without my Janome 7700 sewing machine, so I didn't have much to talk about. I still don't have my sewing machine, but they finally told me to come and get a loaner. I was able to pick up a Janome 8900 to use while mine is in the shop. I LIKE this machine!! Not a lot different from mine, but it has more stitches on it than mine does, and a different walking foot. I have not been crazy about the Accufeed walking foot that is on my 7700. It has the moving part connected to the back of the machine all the time, as far as I know, and it does get in the way when not using it. Anyway, I am thankful to have a loaner, because I am so far behind on my Christmas gifts. I am making each of our children and their spouses a quilt for their bed and one for our grandson. They know about the quilts, because I got them to pick out the fabric. Jackson is the only one that isn't expecting it for Christmas, I don't think. Well, I have the flimsy for our daughter's quilt finished and it has been done for awhile. But, I was able to finally get to my sister's house last week and we measured out the backing and figured out how I can make the 90" backing wider, and so we got that ready for me to sew together. When that is done, I can get it ready to quilt. It will have to be done on my Janome, so I hope it looks good. It definitely won't be anything fancy. I have everything cut out and parts sewn together for our son and his wife, but messed some up, so I have to do some resewing then sew the blocks together. I'm hoping it goes together fast. Keep your fingers crossed and say lots of prayers.

Ok, back to the title. Yesterday I was able to finish the flimsy of my grandson's quilt. He loves the Avengers, especially Iron Man. So, I was able to order a panel from eBay, and I had purchased three yards of fabric to go with it. I added some solids I had in my stash. It isn't what I originally intended it to be, but I think it will be loved. I wanted to make some stars, or other type of blocks to go in it, but decided the fastest and easiest way to get it done was to do borders and add some corner blocks.


How I did the corners on two of the borders

I sure hope the little guy loves it and it fits on his bed. I think it will since this is a full sized bed and his is a twin. Today, after doing so cleaning getting ready for Thanksgiving, I will make his backing and get it pinned, hopefully. That is my plan anyway. LOL

What all are you doing for Christmas gifts this year? My plans really got out of whack when my machine went in to see why the stitches were skipping and get it cleaned and serviced. Never dreamed it would be gone almost five weeks. I won't get near all I had wanted to do for gifts this year finished. Oh well, hopefully there will be another year next year. I will most definitely start earlier for next year.

Have a great day and week. Be creative, be crafty and share some love.