Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Still No Machine!!!!

Have you ever been frustrated and don't know what to do? Well, I am that and more. My Janome MC Horizon 7700 QCP has been in the shop for six weeks now. I have never had any problems with it until Oct. 15th. I had just finished a baby quilt, that I showed on here, and then repaired the string on two pair of my husband's shorts. I started sewing something right after the repair, and the stitches were skipping. I had never had a problem before, so I tried everything I knew to do and what the manual said and my friends on Facebook told me to try. NOTHING CHANGED!!! So, I called my dealer and told one of the owners what was going on, and she told me to bring it in by the next morning and I would be one of two that the repairman would work on that Thursday. I took it in on Wednesday morning never dreaming they would have it six weeks later! I was not offered a loaner machine until four weeks down the road after it seemed that Janome would not get the needed part sent to them any time soon. Even repairman told me on Monday that he never dreamed it would take this long to get my machine back to me.

While he was trying to find what the problem was (after cleaning and servicing it), the mother board went out. They ordered the part and waited ten days to get the part. When he put that in, he discovered that a required part to make it work was not included in the delivery. Ugh!!! So, we waited over three weeks for that power source part to come in. During this time Janome employees were allegedly having workshops/training, etc., and were not getting anything done in a speedy manner. I understand the need for training, but I also am a firm believer in great customer service. With my blog and all my sewing/quilting FB friends, I can influence a lot of possible customers. I love my machine, but not this type of customer service. I told the owners of where I purchased my machine that I have three quilts that I needed to finish for Christmas gifts when I dropped my machine off. I have called them several times each week for any news. I know they are probably tired of hearing from me. LOL

On Monday, I called, but the owner was teaching a class, so I left a message asking about the part and my machine. The repairman called me to tell me the part had come in and the machine was fixed, he believed, but he wanted the owner to do more stitches on it to make sure. Well, when I didn't get a call from them telling me different, DH and I went to the dealer about sixty miles one way from me, to pick up my machine and take the loaner machine back. We walked in and brought the machine in and was met by the lady who had gotten me the loaner and told me it was not fixed that they were waiting on Janome to call them back from the day before. I spoke to the owner and she told me when she tried other stitches, that the it was still not sewing right, so they may have to send the machine to the company. I am to the point that they just need to get me a different machine. I have been told that this was a problem with these machines and the company received enough complaints that they rebuilt the mother board to "fix" the problem. Well, obviously this didn't "fix" my machine.

Oh well, enough on my frustration. I doubt I will get my quilts finished in time, but I will work hard between now and Christmas. I actually need two of them done by Thanksgiving, but they many not be quite finished and will have to ship them. Oh the joys of quilting and using my talent and love for the process to make Christmas gifts. I had plans to make some mug rugs and various small projects, too, but I doubt that will happen. Unless God gives me the strength to hold up to sew much longer than I usually can at a time, I will not be able to get all I planned done. :( Not a happy camper.

I made the backing for the Avengers quilt Monday and have it and the top ready to pin. I will be sewing together the backing for the other top I have finished today and have it ready to pin, then the quilting can begin. I am not a great quilter and don't fmq much. I really need to practice. I would love to take a craftsy class on this, but I doubt my Internet connection can withstand it. I will post pics of the quilts when they are finished.

What do you use to mark quilting patterns on your quilt tops?

Hugs to all,