Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guess What I've Been Making?

Good morning, my friends and family! How are you all doing in blog land today? I am doing well. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday, so of course, I am doing good. :-D It is a beautiful day outside here in Alabama, and it is supposed to be beautiful for several days. Yeah!!!! It has rained so much since the first of the year, we need several days in a row of sunshine. I thank God for the rain, but the sunshine does get me in a better mood. What about you? Do you tend to get down when you have several days of cloudy, rainy weather? I know I do, and DH does, too. Let us move on. 

I have not been making any quilts lately. I have been making pillows. Like the following three.
Fishing pillow for a client

Front of yoyo pillow

Back of yoyo pillow

Double Nine Patch pillow

There are all made for the same client. I sure hope she loves them when I get them to her. I have enjoyed doing them, but I'm definitely ready to make some quilts to share with you all. 

I have started a donation quilt for Bama Belles using strips, but I'm sewing them onto phone book pages. They are not as large as the pillow back above. I sewed them onto ten inch squares of sheeting. I am ready to get that quilt done. 

Today, my plans are to put the pillow forms I purchased for two of the above pillows in them and sew all seams together. I also have some jewelry orders to take care of, too. :D Before I start another project, I will be cleaning out and up my sewing room. It is in such a mess. I can't believe I have allowed it to be in such a mess. LOL I also plan to put in my step-mom's curio cabinet, now mine, in there to help with storage issues. At least I think it will. I need more moving room in there. I don't have a lot, anyway, but it is better than having my machine on the kitchen table and having no where to store fabric. 

Well, I guess this post is long enough for now. Take care everyone. Continue to pray for those affected by the recent tornadoes and Texas and Oklahoma. My husband and I actually lived in Granbury, Texas for almost two years. So, that brings back memories and makes me sad to know sixty-one people lost their lives there. 

Be crafty,