Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Today is Sunday, the Lord's Day. I pray everyone is doing well, but I know not all are. I have a few prayer requests and would like to ask if anyone else has any.

Liam Lyon is a baby that I follow on Facebook. He was born with a condition where half of his heart did not work. He has had a transplant, but has been through so many problems. He is now in the hospital in Cincinnati after being transferred recently from Oklahoma. He stays swollen all the time and is suffering from some type of fungal infection at the moment. He seems to be a precious little boy not much older than one year old. He has an older sister named Cheyanne. I love seeing this baby's smiles and hearing about his good days. He has many more bad days, though and his parents and aunts, grandparents, etc. continually ask for your prayers. Please remember him in your prayers.

Jerold  is my brother. He just had throat surgery for the third or fourth time last week. He is a man of God, but has had pre cancerous growths come in his throat. This time, he had something growing on his vocal chords. It will be a week or more before we hear the results. Please pray for him as he goes through this. 

Facebook friends: I have at least three facebook friends of recent whose husband's have dementia/Alzheimer's. I know one of them is not doing well at all. Please remember the men, plus their caregivers. Another FB friend has a son who was injured severely this past week by running into a tree on his mountain bike. He had to have major surgery. Please remember him, too.

Me: I had an epidural put in my cervical 6-7 area on Wednesday trying to prevent surgery. Well, I've had one day where I wasn't hurting. That was Friday. I felt so good even when I went to bed. Over the past two days, the pain is returning, and I am not feeling well. Please remember me when you pray.

Are there any prayer requests out there in blogger land? I would appreciate it if you post any that you may have.

Please remember the above in your prayers, and let me know of any you have. The Bible tells us where two or three are gathered in His name, believing, He will be in the midst. This is a paraphrase, but I think you understand.

Have a blessed day.