Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Good morning! I pray you all had a restful night. I know I did, except when I turned over I would wake up because my back twinged. Oh well. Not going to stop the sewing at this house today.

DH and I went to one of my brother's home last night for a surprise get together for our oldest brother. He turned seventy on the 12th of this month, but had just had surgery on his throat. His wife wanted to surprise him with all of us getting together. We decided it was best to do a potluck instead of going out to eat. We sang happy birthday to him as we sat down to feast. We had so much fun! Usually we aren't able to get together but at Christmas for dinner, but we have begun to try and get together more often. None of us are getting younger, and we have already lost our parents. None of us are in the best of health either, so we are trying to do what we can to enjoy spending time together. The food was delicious! I made my brother's second favorite cake: pineapple upside down. It was so good. All of them are diabetic, and this definitely was not diabetic friendly, but was so good. They all liked it, and my stewed squash I make from my MIL's recipe. I am so happy they all like it. Now I have another dish to carry to eat.

Also, on the family front, we lost one of our two baby goats this week. She was looking not just right for several days, but she didn't come up for the afternoon feeding time, so DH went to search and found her under the barn. He couldn't get to her, but she called out to him very weak sounding. The next morning, she was in the hall of the barn and had passed away. We were so sad. After losing our favorite dog two months ago, then losing Flo, it has been hard on us both. 

On the sewing front, I am in the process of making a rag quilt out of different shades and patterns of pink. Some has the breast cancer ribbon on it, some does not. My daughter is moderator for a mom site and they are walking in the Making Strides against Cancer walk. I am making this for her to raise money to donate. I hope it will help her get some money. I have had fabric and batting donated for this quilt. I hope it turns out pretty. 

I also made my first ten minute table runner yesterday. Let me just say this; I will definitely be making more of these! What do you think? You can go to YouTube and type in Ten Minute table runner and see several videos on how to make these. Also, I saved a link at

Go to the above site for instructions for the one below.

Well, I am getting off here for now. I need to get busy sewing!

Sew, have a blessed day!!