Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bama Belles Day!!!

I am getting excited even though I don't feel the greatest. Today is the day my quilting group meets, and I am going! I didn't get to go last time because I was puppy sitting. I've had a bad headache for several days and really don't feel the best this morning, but I need this time. I love the fellowship we ladies have together. We pin quilts to ready them for quilting, some of us sew on the machine, some of us do hand work, some of us help pin and some of us just visit. I am going to help pin quilts, and work on getting my niece's cape lining cut out and maybe sewn. I hope I can get it sewn, then I can drop it off at her house and have that marked off my to do list. She is active in cosplay and AWA, and will be dressing up like Hermione in Harry Potter. She needed a cape and is just learning to sew. I wound up helping her cut it out and sewing it myself. I know, that is helping her, but it was just easier. I did help show her how to use her machine. I will be using my Brother to finish it up. At first, we were just putting the lining into the hood, but she decided she wanted it throughout. They is what I will be doing today. She has part of it cut out. I need to do the front and side cutting out and then I can start sewing. This will be my first time lining something, so wish me good luck and say prayers! LOL I know I can do it, it is just doing it.

I finished my first apron last night that I was making for a swap on Stitches From the Heart. I sure hope the lady likes it. It is by no way perfect. But I will be making more. :o) I also quilted the first seam down the middle of the donation quilt I brought home from BB the last time I was there. It shouldn't take too long to quilt it. It will be stitch in the ditch. The binding is ready to sew on, too. So I will get this done within the next few days. Then I need to finish the baby quilt I have started quilting. Then on to other things.

I want to make a quilt or at least a wrap for breast cancer awareness for my daughter. She has organized a group from her Ocalamom.com moms to walk in their Making Strides walk-a-thon in November. She has recruited her MIL to walk, too. Her MIL is a breast cancer survivor. A friend from FB sent me two aprons made out of pink ribbon fabric to donate for her to raise money. I want to make a quilt to help her, too. All suggestions will be appreciated it. I have a time limit, so it can't be too involved.

Well, I need to get ready to eat breakfast and get prepared for Bama Belles. It is the greatest quilting group ever!