Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I am getting excited!!! I am now to the hand part of binding my first donation quilt! Yea!!! See it here below

I have been working on this for a little while. I don't sew everyday, and I had a little trouble getting everything put the way I thought it should be on this pattern. I am not completely happy with my quilting on this, but I am still learning. My stitch in the ditch doesn't stay in the ditch. LOL I see now why my mentor, Linda Jimerson, uses the clear thread for the top. I will begin doing that on my next quilt. I think it will make a difference. She has taught me sew much! I have something I want her to help me with on Tuesday when Bama Belles meet. This is the group I belong to who welcomed me in and do so to everyone who comes. We are a bunch of ladies who love to make quilts for children. We love to make quilts period! But our main goal is to make as many quilts to donate to Wrap Them in Love and whomever else who needs them. I so enjoy the fellowship we have when we get together. I don't always get to go, and I have missed the past two meetings. :( I usually have a doctor's appointment or another obligation that causes me to miss the meeting. I already informed my DH that I was going on Tuesday.

Any way, another project I've been working on is the baby quilt I was making for our son's friend and his little son. I tried using the quilt binding you buy in the package, because I was having a lazy day. Well, it in not wide enough to go over the edge where I can sew it down!! I am very frustrated! I will now have to undo all the sewing I did on that little quilt. Thankfully it isn't that large. It shouldn't be too hard to do. See that quilt here(or at least part of it):

As I stated in yesterday's post, I plan to start on a Christmas quilt for us. My daughter left a comment to add her name to the list for one, too. I just need to get an idea of what she wants. I have lots of scrap Christmas fabric and a few fat quarters of reds and greens that I can add to the scrap pieces. I just want a pretty and simple pattern to use. I have downloaded and saved a few applique blocks that I may try and include in it. I love snowmen and I love Santa Claus, but I also would love to have the Nativity scene in it, too. Just a jumble of ideas floating. Wow! I better stop my mind wondering. It is getting over loaded. LOL 

I want to wish you all a fantastic day, and may God richly bless you and yours.