Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's News

Good morning! I pray you had a good night's rest. Hubby and I must have, because we slept through the rain and any thunder that came through, so I guess we rested pretty well. I know I feel like I did. Thank you, God, because I needed it. 

Here in Alabama we got up to clouds, rain, and a tree down across the fence in the back yard. It was a dead Persimmon tree, but the electric fence was attached to it, so it has got to be gotten up and the fence attached to a new post. Ugh, poor hubby. I saw on the news where one area about fifty miles from us is flooded where people are having to be evacuated! They had five inches of rain overnight. That is a lot of water! Pray fr those people who have damaged homes and will now have to get them fixed.

Yesterday, DH and I went to the local Animal Control location and the League for Animal Welfare to see if they had a dog we fell in love with to add to our family after the death of ours three weeks ago today. We are still in mourning. I know, some of you will think that is crazy, but Cammie was part of our family. Our children are not close where they can just run over to visit and vice versa, so Cammie, for the past year, was our "child." She was my husband's shadow. She followed him everywhere he went outside. She loved catching moles, rats, squirrel's, etc. She loved road kill which is the reason for her getting hit. A dead armadillo called to her loud enough, she got distracted at the high way. :( Well, long story short, I enjoyed meeting some of the dogs, but did not find one that said I am the one. I am not sure if we are going to get one right now. We worried a lot about Cammie, and it is sort of nice not having that worry. Just pray for us that if we are supposed to get another dog, He will let us know when it is time.

Blog hops are bouncing around all over the place. The Christmas one I mentioned yesterday is going strong. I saw some beautiful blocks and designs yesterday. You need to make sure you check them out. The ones today can be found at The Cuddle Quilter at http://lesleythecuddlequilter.blogspot.com/. She has an awesome blog any way, but now she has the complete lists of blogs that are participating in the Think Christmas blog hop.

I am working on plans for my own Christmas quilt. I also plan to make another donation quilt soon for Wrap Them in Love with my group Bama Belles in Anniston, AL. Love these ladies! We work so well together. If any of you have any fabric you want to get rid of, you can contact me and I will get it to our group for use in the quilts we make for the kids. The group donated over forty quilts to the local children's home last December. I want to do as much as I can for them, too. I just have to get better organized. 

Okay, unless I think of something else to discuss, I will go for now. Oh wait, I did show you the finished donation quilt I've been working on! Let me do that today. Here it is:

I may have shown it to you earlier, but I forgot if I did. It warrants another showing anyway. :D

Have a blessed day, folks and May God pour His blessings down upon you and yours. He is faithful to supply our needs. Pray for all who are sick and in need of a touch from the Lord.