Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Won!

Today I received a box from a fellow blogger, facebook friend, etc. I won a giveaway she offered on her blog WeLoveQuilting.com. I am so excited!!!! She included all types of goodies. How did she know I needed some of this stuff! I love it all!!!! Eighteen, yes I said eighteen fat quarters of my favorite colors; an extra small yo-yo maker, Fons & Porter ergonomic seam ripper, nail file, beautiful bag that looks like a quilt, a postcard pattern, needle guide, flat flower pins, five ink pens with her website on it, a cool beaded spider on a flower stem, a pad to put on my hand to pick up loose threads (needed it badly), a sewing kit to put in my purse. I will just show you a picture of my goodies.

Look at those absolutely beautiful fabric! Now to decide what I want to make out of them. Any suggestions?

I also, want to ask for your prayers. I have been having pain to the left of my spine (trapezius area) for several months now. I also have had arthritis flare up in my clavical/sternum joint that is in the front of where the other pain has been. I have had days that I did nothing but sit in my recliner and cry at times because of the pain. I finally gave up and went to my family doctor about the pain. I had already gotten a cortisone shot there in March that did not do any good. I was sent to have an MRI done and found out yesterday that I need to see a neurosurgeon. I have arthritis and a protruding disk that is pressing on my spinal cord. I pray that I don't have to have surgery, but something has to be done where I can continue to make quilts and function. I am trying to figure out which neurosurgeon to see that takes our insurance. I don't want a doctor who tells me that my weight is what is causing my pain. I want one to take me seriously and will figure out a way to stop my pain.

I hope you are having a crafty day. I want to wish you a happy Fourth of July. I am so thankful for our freedoms that others have fought to keep. We are so blessed in the USA. We all need to pray for our country and for our leaders. I wish you all a blessed day.

What has been going on with you?