Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday's Doings

Sew, this is all the blocks for the donation quilt I have been working on. I don't have the blocks turned exactly the way they are supposed to be, I don't think, but at least I came out with hourglass blocks where they are supposed to be placed. LOL I have the top two rows sewn together, and the next two sewn together, and will be sewing the four rows together when I finish this post. Then on to the last two rows. I sure hope some child will enjoy this when it is given to them. I love the colors even though some of the yellow doesn't show up as bright as I would like it. I am still not sure about a border to put on here. I have some mottled yellow I could use, then again I have some blue already cut, but I'm not sure if there is enough. I will see when I get to that point. I believe I may make a run to Hobby Lobby and get some muslin for the backing. I can get a pretty decent amount using my 40% coupon. Still mulling it over in this brain of mine.

I should have been done with this top by now. Yesterday, I sewed a little on it before breakfast, but then I was hurting and not feeling well. I went to buy groceries with the DH even though I didn't feel up to it. When we returned, ate lunch, and sat down to cool and rest a moment, I could not make myself get back up to do anything except help feed goats and cook dinner. I have already sewn some this morning and after I finish the dishes I will go back in there to work. 

I need some suggestions. I have always had problems with setting goals. Most, if not all, of my blogger friends have goals listed on their pages of what they plan to do. I want to do that myself. Can you help me? I want to make a Christmas quilt, a lap quilt for myself, more donation quilts, I have been asked to make a baby quilt for a friend of my son's, I have so many things going over in my mind I need some kind of organization tool. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I want to wish everyone a blessed Thursday. I will be sewing and planning today. I pray that everyone has a safe and fun day. Whether you are at work, at play, at home, always keep God first in your life. He will guide each step of your day.

God Bless,