Tuesday, June 12, 2012

News for the Day

Good morning! I am excited today! In a little while, I will be heading to Bama Belles, my quilt group, that I have been a member of for almost a year. I love my ladies who are so willing to teach me what I need to know to do a good job on my quilting. We are scheduled to practice machine quilting today, so my machine is in the car with its implements (forgot them last time), my fabric/batting sandwiches, thread, etc. I am also carrying my Desert Mirage quilt where I can show them how it looks quilted, and I will also trim it to get ready for binding. I am carrying my new fabric purchases to show, also. As you can tell, I am excited. I enjoy the time we spend together; just us girls/ladies. I am the youngest one who comes, so I feel we are still girls. LOL We will be eating sandwiches, salads, deserts, etc. today, too. Potluck as we southern folks call it. 

Yesterday, I finished up the donation quilt top I've been working on lately. I am taking it today where I can get batting from our closet and maybe have time to get it pinned where I can do the quilting on it. I have had several compliments on it. I am glad that this part is done. My next project is binding the Desert Mirage quilt. Yeah!

Sunday was decoration day where my parents and my dad's parents are buried. Since the weather was nasty, we who came placed flowers on the graves, visited with aunts, uncle and a few cousins for about thirty minutes and then went to my sister, Judy's, house for lunch. All four of us siblings were together, which does not happen very often, and our significant others. My niece, Becca was there also. We had great food and great fellowship with each other. It was a good day. That is the reason I did not post anything over the weekend because of getting ready for this day. 

This is all I have for today. Need to eat in a few minutes and get ready for the day. I have the car packed, just have to get a shower, get dressed and get on the road. Hope you all have as much fun as I anticipate I will have today. Sew, be good, be blessed, and make some creative today!