Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hello! I am sorry I did not post yesterday, but I really didn't have anything new to say. LOL Today, DH and I went to the doctor for our blood work/check-up. We both got really good reports. Mine was made better when I realized I had lost eight pounds since the last visit. I even had jeans on! Wow! That news made me feel great! Well, emotionally that is. It was good that our blood work came back with good results. 

Yesterday, I started binding this quilt (see picture above). Our son, Joe married his love, April, on March 10th. I made this for them. Her favorite color is red. His is red and black. Their wedding colors were red and black, etc. I used Mary Johnson's pattern at Two Rail Fence. It was really easy to make. I added a little extra to the border by putting four patches on the corners and a piano key type border in the corner that is closest to you. This is meant to be a cuddle on the couch quilt, but it could have almost been a full bed sized comforter. I will be glad to get it done, washed and given to them. I know, I'm a little late, but I had some issues with the backing and batting I originally planned to use on it, so I had to get another batting which came from my fellow blogger and quilter teacher friend, Linda. She had some black poly down batting that I purchased from her, then I went to Joann's and purchased different fabric for the backing. That fabric turned out so much prettier and easier to quilt than the original black I had started to use. I quilted this using stitch in the ditch. It is the largest quilt I have done myself so far. I was blessed to be able to purchase a Janome Horizon 7700 a few weeks ago and used it. It made such a difference from using my Wal-mart purchased Brother which is a good machine. I so love my Janome! I have never used a machine other than inexpensive ones before, and let me tell you something. It really makes a difference! I will toot Janome's horn as much as I can for it is a wonderful sewing machine.

I also much finish clipping the donation rag quilt I've made where it can be washed and dried and turned in to my quilting group, the Bama Belles. I have been so blessed to find a group like the BBs. The ladies are all a little older than me, but boy, so far they out sew/quilt me. Of course, they have all be quilting longer than I have, too. They are a great group of ladies who have welcome me into their fold without any problems. We meet twice a month and it is so good to have them to fellowship with those two days. I don't think I could have found a better group of ladies to encourage me and challenge me to be the best quilter that I can be. Their goal is to keep quilting alive and well throughout the generations. I plan to do my part, too. 

My next project will be working on some wallets, and designing my Christmas quilt. I'm still not sure what I want to do with the purple fabrics you saw in an earlier post. I have some ideas, but just haven't firmed them up, yet.

I hope you all have a blessed day and keep on sewing and quilting!