Sunday, December 6, 2015

Where Are You, Teresa?

Where am I? Not sure. LOL Just have been busy, not in the blogging mood, spending time doing other things than blogging. You name it. I'm sorry I have let my followers down. Please forgive me.

I believe a big part of my not blogging for awhile is that I got tired of trying to figure out why I was no longer getting notifications of any comments and not being able to fix the problem.  I love hearing from my followers who would comment, but unless I checked back daily, I would not know that you  commented. I do not know how to fix the problem, but it wasn't always that way. If anyone can help me figure out how to fix the no notifications problem, I would greatly appreciate it. Just email me the answers, or possible solutions. If I don't get it figured out, I may wind up starting another blog and transfer my pictures, etc. to that one, and just start over. If I do that, I will notify you all where to find me next where you can move over there, hopefully.

I have been doing a lot of sewing, but I've only made/finished one quilt. I have made several handbags, diaper bags, some rag quilts as gifts, etc. I made a few ornaments yesterday, but stopped for the afternoon since I slept only a few hours the night before. I have plans to make my dog and our grand-dog a rag quilt for Christmas. My grand-dog loves to lie on her mama's quilt I made her, so I think she needs her own. LOL I have other holiday creating plans, but not sure how much I will get done. My embroidery supplies (stabilizer) has been used up, so I'm having to wait on that to appear before I can get back to embroidering. Also, we took my machine in on Friday to have the bobbin winder fixed, hopefully he can just reset the sensor, and to have it cleaned. Hoping it doesn't take long.

Are you ready for Christmas? I'm not sure that I am even in the spirit for Christmas, yet. I know it will improve while with our DGS. He is such a blessing. Just wish we could see him more often. We had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving! I pray you did, also. We had our children here and it was such a fun time!

This is all for now. Not sure why I even started this post since it has been so long in coming, and it being Sunday morning, and I need to get ready for church, but it just felt right. Have a blessed day!

Keep Sewing!