Monday, July 16, 2012

A Tough Week

I want to apologize for not having posted a new blog post since the 6Th of July. We have had a whirlwind of a week; some good, some bad. We have had our grandson with us all week and took him back to his parents on Saturday. He is six and is a joy to be around, but he wears his Mimi out. LOL We love him so much and hate that we don't get to see him every week. He lives too far from us to do that. We went to the museum of natural history in our local area, and he so enjoyed it. Of course, Mimi and Papa enjoyed it, too. I have a degree in biology, so of course I love seeing all the different animals and it also focuses on wildlife found in Alabama. It was a lot of fun and he left with a new stuffed elephant he named, Ele. Jackson is so precious and so smart. He can also be so funny. He loved petting the goats with his "goat hat" on and loved going out and calling them up where he could see them. He spent more time outside this week than he has in a while. 

Papa and Jackson with two of the goat babies.

In the picture below, you will see the "bad" part of our week. On Tuesday of last week, we lost our dog to a pick-up truck incident. We don't think she felt anything or knew what happened. Yesterday was one year from the time we got her. At first hubby wasn't too thrilled with her because he had his heart and mind set on getting an Australian Shepherd/ Blue Heeler mix. We didn't find one, and I fell in love with Cammie. Her daddy is a Great Dane and her mommy was a mix between English bulldog and American Bulldog. She got big quick, and she was a pain in the backside for a while. We even tried to get rid of her last fall. But this spring/summer, she was the best dog. She still had her time when she would want to bite playfully on my hands, or chew my shoes. She also chewed up my flip-flops, but I loved her and my husband loved her so much! She followed him everywhere he went. We live on about 12 acres, and we have my BIL's goats, so hubby had to check the electric fence, etc. Cammie was right there with him. She loved to sleep on our couch. We have NEVER allowed a dog in the house much, and DH kept saying she was not going to be a house dog. Yes, she slept outside at night, but during the day, especially since it has been so hot, she stayed inside a big part of the day. She was so loving. She loved people and would get so excited when someone came in the yard. She loved Uncle David and Uncle Jim when they came to visit or do something with the goats or the garden. She and our grandson became friends on Sunday and Monday before she was killed. He was afraid of her because she was so big and liked to jump on him to lick him. He was such a big help comforting me when this happened. I wish he hadn't have had to be here, but he was and he took care of his Mimi. When I was sewing, Cammie would come into the sewing room and check on me every so often. Especially if she and daddy had been outside and came in. She loved to grab batting or fabric scraps and play tug of war with me. LOL We have laughed at her antics and loved her with our whole hearts. She is greatly missed and will be for a long time. There will never be another Cammie. Keep us in your prayers, please.

Well, as far as sewing and quilting, I haven't done much at all this past week. With a six year old around who wants his Mimi to spend time with him, one doesn't do much sewing. :D I will have some finishes this week to show later in the week. One will be the Toy Story donation quilt, a baby quilt, and possibly a second baby quilt. I want to work on a Christmas quilt, a RWB quilt, a pineapple blossom, etc., etc. It never ends with all I want to do. 

I will post, hopefully, tomorrow, so stay tuned. Don't forget to check out Leona's Quilting Adventure giveaway. Who knows, I may have one sometime in the future myself. On July 30th, the Christmas blog hop hosted by The Cuddle Quilter, will begin. Check out these sites and see what Christmasy quilty things you may see. 

Be blessed. Pray for DH and I and we will pray for you in return.

Love to all,